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Old 18th February 2002, 03:48
J-J J-J is offline
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Is meditation instinctive?

I mean,it's such a simple,natural and easy thing to do.So why all the gurus?Are they really necessary?What do others here think?
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Old 23rd February 2002, 03:19
universe universe is offline
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I think gurus just are such old souls that they have learned to live in the higher consciousness. when you are able to control your thoughts, and your mind is quiet, you have access to eternal wisdom. All human beings have a ability to do this but it takes training, and not everybody is interested in it in this life time...old souls often are.
That's my thoughts!
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Old 23rd February 2002, 03:40
Mamie Mamie is offline
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Not instinctive

or all would do it without having to ask about it JJ.

Too many people are so caught in the day to day rat race they don't know how to sit quietly and think let alone meditate.

Maybe those who can are older souls!?
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Old 23rd February 2002, 10:36
ANDY-J ANDY-J is offline
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There are many different meditation techniques and a person who is experienced in meditation can advise you and make it easier to learn.The aim of meditation is to bring a heightened state of mental awareness and inner peace and some people may find it easier to achieve this by concentrating on their breathing,while others may find it useful to focus on a particular object or use a mantra.In a few cases long term meditators can experience anxiety or depression and a teacher or "guru" can offer advice to avoid this.
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Old 23rd February 2002, 17:19
J-J J-J is offline
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I asked because I accidentally stumbled on a very effective meditation technique when I was five(didn't think of it as meditation at the time of course).I don't think I was spiritually advanced or an old soul or anything - it was just luck.I used to have a habit of repeating a single word over and over in my mind - after a while the word takes on an unfamiliar aspect,as if you are hearing it for the first time or it's a foreign word,and then later your self-awareness crosses a threshold and suddenly everything is breathtakingly real,especially the fact of your own existence.I was wondering if it was common for this to happen - it seems so far maybe not.I think maybe children are more susceptible to these things - it does require a little more effort now for me than it used to.
Andy - about other meditation techniques - are they just alternative routes to basically the same place,or are there different varieties of meditative state you can acheive through them?
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Old 23rd February 2002, 18:42
ANDY-J ANDY-J is offline
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In Eastern religions meditation is used as a means of exploring
Consciousness and attaining a heightened state of spiritual
Awareness.Yoga and Zen Bhuddism were popular in both
Europe and the USA before the 1960s but transcendental meditation
then became more popular.This was pioneered as a means of combatting
stress related illness.The US journal "psychosomatic medicine" carried out
a survey into TM in the 80s which suggested that meditation affected the
wave patterns and electrical activity in the brain.It created alpha-waves which
are associated with quiet receptive states.Other systems of meditation
have been studied and each approach seems to have subtly different impacts
on the body.The positive effects of meditation are improved blood circulation
and a lowering of stress hormones and a growing number of doctors are
placing more emphasis on relaxation and meditation to treat stress related illness.
The technique which you describe of concentrating on one particular phrase or
word is referred to as mantra meditation and is used in eastern religions such as
Hinduism and Bhuddism.

Reference source-Encyclopedia of complementary medicine-London 1997.
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Old 20th March 2002, 00:57
Dragonfire-B-B Dragonfire-B-B is offline
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Thumbs up yup

Yeah I think it is almost instinctive because we are all born with the ability to do it but some of us just don't have the time to. I mean yeah it helps a lot but sometimes you just can't do it. In my life it's easy because I work from home so I meditate everyday but some people who are on the go can't. You know what I mean.
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