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Meet Tia

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Old 18th December 2007, 16:34
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Meet Tia

This morning I took possession of a 3 year old Tortie cat, she is sat at the computer with me now.

I know I said that I wouldn't get another Tortie but I couldn't resist it any longer.

The original owner's marriage broke up and one of the neighbours(Alison) took Tia in, telling them that
if her Alsatian puppy and Tia did not get on she would look for a new home for her.

It was fine for a month or so then the pup got over boisterous(as they do) not wanting Tia to be
restricted in her play and general day to day life Alison decided that she would look for new owners
(have to say this must have been hard for her to do)

She advertised her and I am the lucky new owner, when Alison brought her this morning Tia seemed to
settle straight away, when Jim walked in the room she went to him for a fuss...she knows who thinks
they are the boss

I know Alison will be reading this, she read all about Dribz...so I say thanks again from me and Tia x x

I will as you already realise be talking about her in years to come
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Old 18th December 2007, 16:52
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Lovely cat! I'm glad you've got her.
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Old 19th December 2007, 06:12
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Babz! She is beautiful! Congratulations I know you will enjoy her, she looks like she is a lot of fun!

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!

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Old 19th December 2007, 17:31
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She is a bundle of fun, she's attacked the xmas lights around the window, when she pulled them off
she looked so scared !!

Luckily they still work and Tia is now steering clear of them !!
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Old 26th December 2007, 19:36
Texasmujer Texasmujer is offline
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...what a NICE kitty!! YOU are lucky to have her...and SHE/HE/IT is lucky to have YOU to boss around on her staff! (which is what we all know cats do!! lol)
HAve MANY good times with your new kitty...!
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Old 6th December 2008, 20:38
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As it is nearly a year since I got Tia thought I would update you on how she is getting on.

As you will know if you have seen my posts we moved back to England end of June, well
Tia has settled in our new home ok, the first few weeks were strange for her as we have
open stairs...she didn't like going up them as she could see straight through them and we
were in a single floor flat with no stairs in Aberdeen.
She is still an indoor cat and is staying that way, she doesn't try to get out at all and is happy
to look through the flyscreen Jim made.

She is not a chicken eater like Dribz was but will bite your hand off for prawns

We have bought her loads of toys and scratching posts so that she leaves the walls and
doors alone

She is still a bundle of fun and also an affectionate cat who likes sleeping on the pillow above
your head at night
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Old 7th December 2008, 18:21
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I've got one of those... fast asleep at your feet when you turn the lights out and sleeping almost on your head when the alarm goes off....
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