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american women looking for scottish men??

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Old 26th June 2004, 12:48
katekidd katekidd is offline
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Hi all,

I'm joining this thread very very late, I realise, but I just thought I'd add my own 2p, mostly in response to the original poster....

This sort of relationship can work, and when it does, is likely to be stronger for it being more difficult than a 'normal' relationship. I am an American woman who met and fell in love with and have now married a Scottish man. I did not go out of my way to meet him because of his nationality (it just happened...I was studying in the UK at the time, and we met romantically at a bar). We spent 3 years conducting a long distance relationship...first from London to Edinburgh, and then from North Carolina to Edinburgh. It finally came to the point where we just had to make the decision to marry, probably sooner than we wold have liked, but it was either that or call it quits. We are now happily married, and living together in Edinburgh. And I have to say, the immigration process wasn't a problem, and should not deter serious couples from being together.

Everyone has criteria they look for in a potential mate. For some it is hair color, height, financial situation, car, and for some it is accent and nationality. I don't think we should look down on these women who happen to include accent and nationality on their list....although not one of these criteria make any difference once you have gotten to know someone. Rich men pick their noses, blonde men adjust themselves in public, and (my husband will not appreciate me revealing this fact) Scottish men fart in bed and leave the toilet seat up.

You stop hearing the accent very quickly anyways. My husband's accent doesn't make him any more attractive to me....it's all the other wonderful things about him. And this is despite the fact that he farts in bed and leaves the toilet seat up.

Good luck to those of you looking for love!

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Old 26th June 2004, 17:19
mlejoy mlejoy is offline
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your situation is different than the one i was talking about...

you (like me) met a man while you were in the UK studying -
my point was that there are so many women on here SPECIFICALLY looking for a scottish man - and they've never even been to scotland, and they don't know anyone scottish lol.

i'm glad to hear your scottish relationship worked out - i still talk to my guy and he is going to come visit me here for a few months in the fall - but i dont think it's goign to change my mind - we'll still be in the same boat when he leaves.
Men are like parking spaces - all the good ones are taken, what is left is handicapped
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Old 26th June 2004, 20:35
Eleana Eleana is offline
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I second mlejoy!

You were telling a wonderful story and I wish you all the best. It's a story where you met a man and he met you, you fell in love and so on.

We were talking about women searching their men because of an accent and a romantic perceiption ... that might work in your examples: limiting the choices down by selecting down to one or two criteria and then happy with it. Like buying any car as long it has the color green.

The rich men looking for a 20 year old younger model to boost their egos.
The rich woman for a strapping lover.
The blonde for a Latino type guy.
The successful woman for the succesful man.

Question is: will it work? A relationship can only survive over years and years when much more criteria are met. When there is a mutual understanding.

Mutual understanding requires a lot of work.

Have you noticed any cultural differences? Not only Scottish men fart and leave the toilet seat up! So do the German, the French, the Italian, the English... well and the American. Have you ever been to Arabian countries? That is not a cultural difference. It's called behaviour and attitude.

A true cultural difference is that British guys are much into reservedness (stiff upper lipp) and the Get over it. While especially American women just love to go to analytical sessions. Not a problem as long both are willing to work it out.

List is endless, and in the end it's up to you and the partner.

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Old 10th July 2004, 09:04
PatchouliJulie PatchouliJulie is offline
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Re: im a scttish man loookin for someone i can talk to

[quote]Originally posted by ayr_rules
[b]hi to all the people in scotland ireland england wales and of course the big U.S of A im scott im original from ayr i moved to england 6 yaer ago and after 6year i have just started to get used to it. im lookin for someone to talk too

Hello Ayr rules......opening the lines of communication. : )

Peace Through Music!

PJ : )
Peace Through Music!
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Old 11th July 2004, 14:00
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Alexis59 Alexis59 is offline
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Unhappy Scottish Men

Originally posted by mlejoy
i'm just curious why so many women on here are looking for scottish men - i know that in theory it seems very romantic and sweet - but have any of you actually thought it through - i mean, what happens when you meet this fabulous scottish man on here and he lives across the ocean from you?

i lived in scotland for 14 months - and dated a scottish man the entire time i was there - and it was great and i love him and he was fantastic, but then i had to leave to come back to the US and we had to split up - it's not as easy as you might think to go live in scotland - or to have the guy come live here - in fact - it's damn near impossible unless you want to marry him...and realistically - how long can you carry on such a long distance relationship?

anyway - just thought i'd say that - i see on here women saying they are looking for a scottish man - but a lot of those women seem to be living in fantasy land. scottish men really aren't that much different than american men - they just have sexxy accents and they watch different sports...and sadly - they do not go around wearing kilts all the time (unless you're in edinburgh on a rugby game day ) - my scottish boyfriend only wore a kilt once in a year - and that was at his brothers wedding (so if you're looking to get shagged by a guy in a kilt - make sure he has a family member getting married )

ok so i'm off my soap box now - and seriously would like to know why so many american women want to meet scottish men - is it too many romance novels? lol

I have no Idea why women want Scottish Men, I have had a few in my time, and they have brought me nothing but trouble, so now I have opted for an English Man, who is the most gentle man I have ever come across in my life. I am now VERY happy, and trouble FREE!!!! ha ha
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Old 13th July 2004, 16:12
jadewhite jadewhite is offline
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Alexis, Enlighten me on this. What makes you say that Scottish Men, had brought you nothing but trouble. I'm kinda curious. Could you let me in ?
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Old 13th July 2004, 18:33
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Unhappy jadewhite

Well, as I come from Glasgow, obviously the men in my life have been Scots! and everyone and I mean EVERYONE of them, were either control freaks (maybe I was too soft then).Or they had some kinda drink problem, that I knew nothing about until into the relationship ('cause everybody is on their best behaviour at the start, are they not?). I may add that I am NOT tarring all Scots men with the same brush, incase somebody gets on their "high horse", and say I have been choosing the wrong men.They have been either the same age, or younger, now I have found a man who is much older than myself, and has manners, knows what I like, 'cause he takes time to find out, which the others didn't. I am not saying I dislike Scots guys, I have just found that I have had enough of them, having never been with an Englishman before, I find them not as "rough & a bit more laid back. (Well my man is), there are some English guys out there who act exactally the same as some Scots guys.(I blame their upbringing) ha ha
I hope this has enlightened you a bit Jadewhite. LOL
Thanks for asking.!
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