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brandeberger 24th March 2009 05:41

Your Cheatin Heart Series: Soundtrack Needed
I'm trying to get hold of the soundtrack to the old TV series 'Your Cheatin Heart' from 1990.
I have it on cassette but it's gubbed, as are most of my old tapes.
I'd like to know if anyone has a copy, either I could buy it from someone or get a copy.
Since even Google hasn't really heard of it i'm kind of hoping that some fellow scots will have
an idea of what i'm talking about, it was released in 1990 by bbc publishing, directed by john byrne.

If anyone has any info could they contact me via the forums

I have taken you e.mail address out to lessen the chance of you getting spam

Celyn 24th March 2009 19:50

Oh dear. This one has come up before, and it seems that the reason the thing was not put out on video or DVD was to do with some legal muddles about copyright for the music involved. At any rate, that's what a member here, who used to work in the B.B.C. at the time the series went out, said.

I know we have had threads on this before but I *think* the end conclusion was that it is not available. There *was*, I think, a poster who did get his hands on a copy and was kind enough to offer to make copies for others, but that was actually a few years ago now, and I don't think he posts here any more. :(

It's quite sad, I know I would like to see it again. Great cast.

brandeberger 24th March 2009 21:03

It's my mum that want's to get hold of it, we got mixed up between that and the soundtrack for tutti frutti (a different john byrne series). Do you remember who it was that had a copy?

Celyn 24th March 2009 21:54

EEK! What I said before was entirely wrong. It is now clear to me that I WAS thinking about "Tutti Frutti", and it is only your mention of it that sorted my head out. :(

Sorry, I really do not recall who had a copy of it. It was a fair wee while ago now, and I think it was a member who has since left the message board.

If you have time, a search might bring the thread up for you, but, as I say, I now realise I was thinking of "Tutti Frutti" rather than YCH. I'm sorry for adding to the muddle. :(

Celyn 24th March 2009 22:07

Ah, now here is a person who did get his/her paws on a copy. In 2007, though, so I suppose it's a matter of luck if you will be able to contact Macloch.


I am happy to report that I now have;

I now have both Tutti Fruitti (2 dvds)

and Your Cheatin' Heart on (3 dvs) dvds.

Oh, and here's a little discussion of it that is, sadly, even older.

Um, what can I say, apart from "best of luck in this quest"? :)

I think there might have been other threads about it too, but if there are, you will find them easily.

Macloch 30th April 2010 17:07

Your Cheatin Heart
I do not have the soundtrack, Sorry.

I only have dvds that were made from a VHS tape.

Agricola57 19th April 2011 11:07

I know this is an old post, but I came across it yesterday when I was looking for the name of the guy who plays the guitar in the band in YCH. I am sure he is the same guy who played on Sunshine on Leith, but I dont know who it is.
Anyway, I have the CD of the soundtrack. If you still need a copy let me know.

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