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Son of a Scottish Miner in Fife

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Old 20th July 2015, 08:15
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Melodeonman not used,, its jock stewart redmond on facebook.


It's awfae tae bi oot o' wark
wi trade aw ere sae dull.
Av tryed ma baist tae git a joob,
bit dae whaut er a wull.
It's maittirlis whaur er a gan
thi ainsers ai thi saim.
"Och sorri, nane thi dae ma maun,
bit gies a ca agane."
Um ait it nearli evuri morn
trudgin frae street tae street.
Ma bits, yince guid, air fairli worn
frae aff mi weeri feet.
Thair's daes av scanti been o' meat,
nor ken a whaur tae tri.
Tae git a loaf thit wi mite eat
thi bairns, thi wife, ain aye.
Ain thi daes air gittin langer,
ain thair's nae loor tae bi thi seed.
Ain onli thi auld craw in thi winter,
kens thi pair mauns sairest needs
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Old 20th July 2015, 08:17
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Childhood memories

Off from the bus garage the Mystery tour it went
In buses two and pleasure bent
to view the Trossachs scenes so grand
The finest sights in old Scotland
I was with my mother on this tour
by winding road and heather moor
With Stirling reached we halted there
to stretch our legs and get fresh air
At Thornhill we all felt dry
we got refreshed then in full cry
to Aberfoyle where mad with joy
As followers welcomed 'Brave Rob Roy'
We climbed the hill by winding way
and turning road past Loch Achray
Until we reached the Trossachs heart,
Loch Katherine, nature's work of art
The scenes were lovely to behold
as natures treasures did unfold
Lovely Loch Venacher we passed
and then we reached Callendar at last
And there we had a lovely tea,
Unusually nice my mother was to me
Though dull clouds gathered was quite plain
we didn't worry about the rain
It was into the bus and homeward bound,
a great day I remember by all was found
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Old 20th July 2015, 08:18
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Memories of kelty

Wha remembirs thi hundrid fit brig ais it spand frae side tae side
Ain wha remembirs thi Brickwark Bings wi its paths ain aw its slides
Ain wha remembirs a swim in thi "Dooki" Aur fishin doon thi "Ploom"
Ain wha remembirs thi Kelty cyclin club maid oot o wan wee room
Ain wha remembirs thi buckit cairts wi horses fu of pride
Aur a trammi doon tae Cowdenbeath rattlin fae side tae side
Aur wha remembirs cairin a miner's bag tae earn yersel a shillin
Aye thay wir thi daes a remembir weel
whin we wir yung ain wullin
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Old 20th July 2015, 08:19
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Childhood dreams

I've started to dream of all the times when we were young and each day was filled with joys
We would climb the hills and walk around the Lochs never giving a thought to toys
We would climb our nearest mountain, Benarty was it's name
Or we would wander through the Weewoods, hunting all the game
The Meadows was our big swampland, and Loch Ore was our big sea
And many a raft or homemade ship was found sunk or floating free
Sometimes we would sit on the redden ash of the Aitken Bing so high
And dream of the wild strawberries at the back of the hill
And in the warmth of the sun we would just lie
We would gaze at the cooling towers, as they thundered like rain
And we would look at the grass with a mild disdain
We would talk of the great times we have had there before
Like down at the Perch hole so black and so deep
Or after the big trout in the bay where they would sleep
Oh life was good when you're young and so bold
But now it's just memories and dreams when you get old
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