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Old 23rd August 2001, 17:24
Momma Momma is offline
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Nothing would make me happier than to say "I am moving tomorrow to Scotland." But woe is me...I can not.
I can however say I am working toward saying that. Part of my planning is to ask the stupid questions.
Here goes. What is the art scene in Scotland like? I don't mean the snooty gallery type, I mean the "street corner named desire" type. In small shops or open air shows, independent shops and gallerys, how do those go over? How do foreign artist do over there? If it is anything like here,Canada, you are better off to be from somewhere else. Weird eh?
Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Old 24th August 2001, 07:27
portwemyss portwemyss is offline
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There are lots of art colleges in central Scotland, and every year at end of term they have a big sale of all the students' work. Some of it is quite incredible! I have picked up a couple of pieces at these student shows just because they caught my eye and i liked them, but who knows... could be worth some day if the artist becomes famous!
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Old 24th August 2001, 14:59
Momma Momma is offline
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Thumbs up Thanks, but.....

Thanks for the info and if I ever get there I may check out on of those sales myself.
I guess I didn't make myself very clear, what I was wondering about was could a person make any kind of a living with art work in Scotland?
In Canada there is another arts/crafts show every 10 minutes. If a person wanted to, you could be at one every day. Not that that is the way I would want to go, but wondering about that and small gallerys that might give a newcomer a break.
All I have is my brush and my pen. That is to say, no other visible means of support. I have not been able to collect on any of the residuals from my pen... yet, I have however been lucky enough to sell a fair bit of brush work.
I was just trying to get a "feel" for life as an artist in Scotland. Are they open armed but closed purses or closed arms, minds, purses, doors etc. when it comes to newcomers? Or like here in Canada, do "they" seem to give the non Canadian or in this case the non Scotish the thumbs up? It is human nature to not to value what is in our own back yard, so to speak.
Just wondered if anyone might perchance know how I might tackle this.
Thanks, Momma
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Old 25th August 2001, 07:25
portwemyss portwemyss is offline
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Hm. I know virtually nothing about the artists "scene" in the UK, but i would think it would be very difficult to make a living unless some sort of media luvvie picked up on your work and took you under their wing as the "next big thing".
I guess it would depend what you are painting. My opinion would be that if you are painting scenery and landscapes, forget it. That kind of stuff is ten-a-penny over here and not particularly interesting. Why look at a painting of beautiful scenery when you can drive an hour or so from your town and see it in the flesh?

I cant say i have seen anything like what you have described... art/craft fairs. Nothing apart from the sale of students work i mentioned previously.
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Old 3rd September 2001, 09:35
Polwarth Polwarth is offline
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The following site might be of some interest to you.... I've bought a couple of paintings from them....


I wish you luck, but there are LOADS of unemployed artists in Scotland, most of whom are knowledgeable about the local art scene... I would suspect that if they can't sell their work, then an 'outsider' would find it even more difficult.

Best of luck though..

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