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  1. dava4444
    29th November 2017 10:26

    Many different Personifications. read. enjoy!
  2. dava4444
    6th May 2014 01:58
    Canada Caledonia Gaul Angle Americana Gael
  3. dava4444
    6th May 2014 01:58
    :What's your name?

    French accent]!

    Canada Caledonia Gaul Angle Americana Gael

    : Do you have any family?

    Yes, I have two Mothers and one Father, Their names are:
    Alba Caledonia Scotia Dál Riata Anatolia Gael
    Gaul Charlemagne Catholic Celt Caledonia Anatolia Gael
    My Father is
    Angle Jerusalem Ally Roman Hanover Saxon Britannia

    My sister is:
    Americana Angle Freedom Scotia Columbia HymnsongBlues Righteous HalfMoon Avalon Magnificent Imperialis
  4. dava4444
    6th May 2014 01:57
    But sadly, my parents do not call her daughter any longer, she warred with our Father and my Mother Alba says she often ashamed of her, so they call her 'cousin' even though it is a kind lie. is she disowned? in truth partially, I think our parents would love her again if she didn't start so many fights and make so much blood. Well that's what they say, I think she has a point.. but don't tell my Parents I said that!

    My half cousin is :

    Groenland Inuit Thorvaldsson Americana Martin Norge Scania

    She barely talks to me expect to say hi.. but even just with that I know we get along well. Her Father is nice to me.. even though in past we have a tiff.Oh and my little Brother!

    Angle Scotia Maori Zeeland

    He's just a little baby, and I don't see him often, but my Mother Alba Visits him and so does my Father. They both love him very much! But last I heard he didn't want to know them because they are talking about a divorce.

    :What do you think of your parents? all three..
  5. dava4444
    6th May 2014 01:56
    Well, my Father is a very righteous man and I listen to any law he has for me. He provided for me for many years.. that reminds me I did not pay him back for that! But he never seems fussed about it, always kind to me, ask how I am and sending me nice letters. My mother Alba does not like to hear this! oh She wants good things for me, but when it comes to my Father, he has hurt her heart too many times! Did you know my Mother is a genius renowned the world over? She says even so.. genius.. all he wanted was the money. no work for her! only money! I love my Father.. but even I think she has a point. Why? cause anyone can see he did not give her work (This is Canada echoing the words spoken to her by Alba). Don't tell my Father I said that!
  6. dava4444
    6th May 2014 01:55
    My Mother Gaul is always disapproving of me, I say to her 'What did I do Mother?'.. She has very high standards, unfortunately for me, I can't help but listen to her, I keep thinking in the back of my mind that she is right somehow. She has so many good qualities I want for myself, how on earth did she get them? When Alba comes to visit me, she is always friendly to me, when Gaul comes to visit, she tells me off.

    : what are your hobbies?

    I like sports, politics, liberal arts, culture and Whisky. I like to survival trek too.

    I am learning about investment like my mother Alba.. it is very hard.. I have some monies, and am hard working.. so you think it would be easier. :frown:

    I am pretty and rugged, but do not wish to marry coz in secret i love my Father, not in a odd way, just I don't think there is man of measure like him. Don't tell my mothers I said that.. in fact don't tell anyone. :red face:
  7. dava4444
    6th May 2014 01:54
    :What do you think of your sister Americana?

    I look up to her often, but she is a little rude to me sometimes.. but sisters jape, this is true, i know in secret she loves me very very much. even though she makes fun of me for my french/scottish accent. We have fun sometimes with ice sports, it makes me very happy!.. i think in truth i am a happy person.. in honestly i think she is not, sad to say.. she is always fighting and while i can see her point of the fight.. why does she do it so often?

    :What are your goals for the future?

    peace, love, understanding and beat americana in ice sports :laughs:

    :Thank you for your time

    Most welcome monsieur.

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