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  1. SeamusAlba
    18th January 2011 20:06
    hello Crofter, Im sorry if Ive offended you with my seemingly dreadful attemts at gaelic, but I really am trying to learn and was irritated by sme of the attitudes here, which is why I began responding in gaelic. I want to learn to improve my sentence structure and am currently using various books and resources.

  2. Lournie Loon
    16th December 2010 19:59
    Lournie Loon
    Hello crofter, sorry to hastle you with another translation. I have a Canadian cousin who has asked me to give him a Scots Gaelic, I apologise if that is not the correct way to even say that, I'm a Lowlander which to you would be sassenach, anyway I think it is for naming a property, the phrase is "Beautiful Hills". I have looked at web sites but I confess I am out of my depth. forever grateful if you could take the time. Lournie Loon
  3. MichelleLena
    17th August 2010 17:22
    I hope you didn't think I was being dissrespectful when I said what the poem ment. Don't worry Scotsite alread chewed my but out for my responce to ya....Little does he know that I have repected you from the start and tried to befriend you...My intentions are still to be your friend and ask addvice...I'm working on the Gaelic by the way..Take Care Crofter
  4. MichelleLena
    11th August 2010 12:20
    Hallo Crofter,
    How are you doing? Hope all is well with you.
    It's supose to be 85 degree today. It's been raining all week. I sure would like to get some sunshine

    Take Care,
  5. MichelleLena
    3rd August 2010 17:42
    Hi Crofter,
    A boon is like saying thank you for something some one has done for you. Yes you would like a boon. I still would like to send you and your wife some wonderful things from America. Does Scotland make it's own maple syrup?

  6. icGhillelàidir
    16th July 2010 00:48
    Hi Crofter,

    Rather than step into the middle of the mud-slinging match that my forum post quickly dissolved into, I thought I'd write you separately and thank you for taking the time to respond so thoroughly to my question. I really appreciate it!
  7. JCfromGA
    15th April 2010 01:08
    How ya been?! Apparently not keeping these folks straight...
  8. canscott
    5th April 2010 22:43
    Hi Crofter,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my request of the translation i was looking for. You had asked what the context was that i was going to use the quote. the quote very much says what it means. To live your life as you wish, and not let any boundries stop you from living it to the fullest...especially your age. I am using this quote in the Scottish Gaelic language as a tattoo in memory of past family as well.


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