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agstormysky 10th March 2003 19:31

I think it's the best scottish love/action/drama
movie ever. I think Mel Gibson looked quite sexy in a
kilt,If I do say so myself :)The movie is so good, I could
watch It over and over again.Anyways.... Let me know what you guys think and reply back. Thanx

Tenshi1981 10th March 2003 20:17

Braveheart isn't a Scottish film. it's an American film. and, as an Englishman, i would like to say that we kicked his butt at the end.

Talisien 10th March 2003 20:49

Hi agstormysky!
First of all let me say that I love braveheart!!! It's one of the best movies I've ever seen and it still touches me everytime. However I must agree with tenshi that it was an american film. There are also some historical facts twisted and turned to way holywood wanted to, especially the character of William Wallace is often said to have been protrayed quite wrongly. But after all one shouldn't forget that it is still a movie and has to entertain!

SunshineyHobbit 11th March 2003 05:49

Braveheart? Ah,yes. I am a devout- fan of Braveheart. I watch it once to twice a day, and now I know almost all of the words. My mom and sister tell me to stop watching it b/c im driving them crazy(well my sister kinda likes it)and my mom doesnt like it because it's 'too gory' and eveeeen one time my neighbour heard me yelling along with the movie...tee hee hee hoo hooo hoo humm humm hummm rumba rrumba grrrrrrraaaarar rara.My grandpa really likes Braveheart. We watch it together every now and then... and it makes me soooooooooooooooo mad when people say they hate it!Someone actually told me that before. I cried.I threw myself to the ground. I beat myself up. I flushed myself down the toilet..well not really but I did get mad. Well, im going to stop going on and on. Ta-ta!!

MACKENZIE_24 23rd April 2003 02:32

Its a good film but the story is warped.
Robert de Brus never betrayed William Wallace, infact the whole movie is made me hate the english a bit more though :D

anneli 23rd April 2003 06:56

I think this thread should be in the lit & film forum..

I liked the movie very much!

kati 25th April 2003 15:33

i love braveheart! its the closet thing us U.S.Aians get to the scottish! its really a great film! but one thing, did he and that princess chick really have sex and all that stuff? cuz that seemed a little strange to me. have any of you ever seen the movie " match maker"? it takes place in ireland, or for you Tenshi "eyeland" its really great, i saw it like 2 years ago and now i can't find it anywhere and i've been going crazy trying to find it. aaaahhhhhh... hehe, anyways.. FREEDOM!
kati de brus, haha

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