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Does Anyone Like "Brave Heart" (The Movie)?

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Old 31st October 2003, 10:48
MAGUS MAGUS is offline
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Braveheart is absolute nonsense both historically and in the way it portrays William Wallace. He never wore a kilt
as scottish lowlanders did not were kilts he did not go around with his face painted blue and although he travelled to many countries in Europe there is absolutely no evidence that he was involved in in attack in York in England. he was joint leader of the scottish army at the battle of stirling bridge along with Andrew De Moray who disappears from the story in this peace of fictious nonsense.
Randall Wallace who wrote this story came to Scotland and found that very few people in scotland know anything about their history a result of three hundred years of English conditioning. (these English are best in the world when it comes to covering up the truth. Despite my criticism of the
film I would like to point out that I am a great supporter of scotlands national hero William Wallace. If you want more historical accuracy you need to get yourself a copy of Tales of a Grandfather By SIR WALTER SCOTT a detailed history of scotland. The real story of William Wallace is even better than this Braveheart nonsense.
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Old 3rd November 2003, 16:01
jacobitedreamer jacobitedreamer is offline
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Well, after all, it was the first film in ages that brought some Scottish stuff on the screen again, though historically it contained a pretty lot of nonsense. But it roused discussions here and there and some people around the world for the first time ever took notice of Scotland...

HOWEVER this of the Lowlander and the kilt... I have to disagree in one wee point, which is the 21st of May 1650 and the painting by one Mr. James Drummond showing the events of this day. It clearly shows a Lowland cavalier wearing a kilt on the last day of his life. And there is this other picture of the same Lowland gentleman on his horse and he really doesn't look as if he wore trousers. LOL
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Old 6th December 2003, 13:22
budong budong is offline
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English conditioning? You guys are really making this nonsense up you know. There is no conditioning. Hollywood distorts the truth, blame them. Is it really England's (as in the entire population of England) fault if a bunch of Scottish people don't pick up history books? No.
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Old 15th December 2003, 07:55
faIIenangeI faIIenangeI is offline
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are you kiddin?
it's one of the best movies ever
if u dont know what u know u end up with a lot u dont.
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Old 16th March 2004, 16:51
alma-sirena alma-sirena is offline
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Unhappy WoW! I'm even scared to reply to this thread!

Everyone is so passionate about this thread! I did like the movie Braveheart. I did not think it was 100%accurate when I compared it to what I had read in history books, but I was not there when it happened! To every story there are always 3 sides, his version, your version, and the truth! I wanted to see more of Andrew de Moray, I love that historic character, and Robert deBruce, Oh, my Lord. He is the reason why I'm visiting s.com. Since I was 7 yrs. old, I heard a story of this character and I fell in love with him! I think there should be a movie of Robert Bruce and Black Douglas! What do you think?
Kilts rock!
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Old 17th March 2004, 23:29
Peter_Martin Peter_Martin is offline
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I liked Braveheart when it was first released. It was the first film on a Scottish historical figure in many years that I can remember. It made me want to return to this period of Scotland's history to remind myself of the real facts. I still watch the film.

However, I do now find the Holyrood fiction more intrusive than I did on the first few viewings. My main concern about the fictional events is that what did happen during the Wars of Independence do not need to be fictionalised. Too much time is taken up with the fake Princess of Wales love affair. Whereas it is interesting that the massacres at Berwick upon Tweed where it is believed that around 15,000 inhabitants were slaughtered by English forces was not depicted. (I also remember that James MacKay in his biography mentioned that the hanging of nobles at the beinning of the film is believed to have happened in Ayr.)

Other Holyrood films are full of errors about their subject. The two films that I have seen about about Mary Queen of Scots include a meeting betweem Mary and Elizabeth of England (fiction). In addition they depict the Casket Letters as genuine (which most historians either consider fabrications or dubious in the least).

The Holyrood film about the finding of the Enigma code depicted it being recovered by the US Navy when in fact it was the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom.

Holyrood do smudge the facts to fit their screenplay. I have yet to see a film about other periods of history that fits with the known documented facts. In this regard Braveheart is not unique and to condemn it totally on this ground is not really enough.
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Old 17th March 2004, 23:34
Peter_Martin Peter_Martin is offline
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p.s. Holyrood is not the only one incapable making totally accurate historical dramas. The BBC's effort - Gunpowder, Treason & Plot on BBC2 this Sunday just past was full or errors. The second lot of episodes this Sunday coming is probably not going to be any better.

(This series is about Mary Queen of Scots and her son James VI).
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