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where did Gaelic originated?

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Old 31st August 2000, 09:59
bloodjake bloodjake is offline
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i'm just curious, where did the Gaelic language came from, and what's the difference between the scottish and irish gaelic?
i'd like to learn how to speak your language, but i'm having a problem regarding it's pronunciation.
i think my english grammar sucks, i hope some of you will understand what i'm trying to say here.
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Old 3rd January 2001, 00:34
hurndall hurndall is offline
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Scottish Gaelic came from Northern Ireland and over the centuries evolved into a variety of dialects which were (are?) still spoken in Scotland and until recently in the Isle of Man. Where it came from before Ireland is not really known although it is connected to Celtic languages such as Welsh and old Gaulish.

If you are interested in learning the language the best thing to do would be to contact an organisation such as CLI (Comann an Luchd Ionnsachaidh). They have their own web site, I can't think what it is but if you go to Google and type in CLI I'm sure you'd get it. Their are several other organisations and sites on the web which you could find by typing Gaelic etc.
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Old 5th January 2001, 12:18
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Gaelic is essentially the language of the Celtic peoples who inhabited much of western Europe in pre-Roman times. Scots Gaelic came to Scotland by way of Ireland but it is closely related to the languages of the other Celts who still exist today in Ireland, Wales, The Isle Of Man, Cornwall and Brittany.
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Old 3rd April 2001, 19:14
d_vanfredenberg d_vanfredenberg is offline
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Gaelic is a derivative of Q-Celtic, the language of the Goidelic Celts, where Welsh is derived from P-Celtic, the language of the Brythonic Celts. Both P & Q Celtic are deviations of the language prior to the split of the Celts into two tribes, long before the move into the British Isles so of course all the languages are somewhat similar.One major factor in the development of Gaelic was the amalgamation of the celts and the native people to form the Picts. (it gets kind of foggy whether they whether the native people were called the Picts before the merge with the Goidels or after, depends on who you talk to)
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Old 18th April 2001, 19:07
scottaidh scottaidh is offline
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Tha ṭrr daoine a' smaoineachadh gun tainig Gàidhlig bho Èirinn agus ged a tha sin ceart gu ire, tha fianais àirseachail ùr ann cuideachd gun robh Gàidhlig air feadh taobh siar Alba aig an aon àm a tha Gaeilge ann an Eirinn.
Tha e clotach gun robh iad measgadhadh ri chèile.

Although many beleive Gaelic to have come from Ireland this is true just to an extent. Recent archeological evidence suggests that there were people and Gaelic was spoken throughout Western Scotland before the period we originally assumed it arrived in the country from Ireland.
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