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You be the judge

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Old 4th August 2015, 14:32
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Incedentally, the words "Brahmin" might be related to brath and Briton/Preton etc. Fascinating stuff gun teagamh
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Old 5th August 2015, 09:54
Chimerayale Chimerayale is offline
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ta tu i gceart, orright mate , thu 's buidhe ceart , ye bes richt.
Wheat was a bit tight in Cruithneach -land and cruithneachd bread, bairgan driud , was regulated as a gift for guests. Can't find "driud" but "druine" means skill. Or druid? A wee laddie frae St Andrews says that Cruithin was probably the name used by others for Ulster tribes.
So maybe the clan leaders ate the good bread and they were the Cruith ?
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Old 6th August 2015, 10:11
Chimerayale Chimerayale is offline
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So then, if kerta "judge" is from Sanskrit and if it equals cruith "make", then may I introduce Kertajaya? jaya "victory".

"Sri Maharaja Kertajaya was the last king of Kadiri ( Indonesia) who reigned circa 1194-1222. . At the end of his reign, he was defeated by Ken Arok of Tumapel or Singhasari , which marked the end of the kingdom of Kadiri .
( note: Ken Arok has no resemblance to Ken O'Rourke).

The Indianized States of South-East Asia

George Cœdès 1968 p 187

"Kritajaya fled and disappeared without a trace."

Ancient Indian History and Civilization

Sailendra Nath Sen 1999 ‎India p 525

". Kertajaya, the last king of Kadiri, involved himself in a quarrel with the clergy ...

.Ken Arok ..married the heiress to the throne of Janggala after murdering her husband. As ruler of Janggala he next revolted in 1222 against his sovereign Kertajaya , the ruler of Kediri, with the full support of clergy. .Ken Arok was succeeded by Kertanagara who was murdered in 1292 by a revolting governor of resurgent Kediri ."


" To legitimate his ascension, Ken Arok claimed to be a son of Siwa.

. Anusapati,a stepson .. killed Ken Arok.. In the end, Anusapati was also killed by his stepbrother, Panji Tohjaya with the same kris".

"By the end of his reign Kertajaya says he wanted to be worshiped by the Hindu and Buddhist priests.. .

. . The priests chose refuge in Ken Arok ,. Kertajaya.. claimed he could only be defeated by Shiva . . Hearing this, Ken Arok was put on the title of Lord Master (another name for Shiva ) and led troops to attack Kadiri .

.. . . Kertajaya himself escaped and hid, rising to heaven.

. Nagarakretagama also .. mentioned that Kertajaya escaped and hide in dewalaya (god's land ).

. Both texts proclaim Kertajaya is in a natural refuge of the gods. Presumably Kertajaya hid inside a temple , or maybe Kertajaya was killed . "

"In later periods, Kediri economy grew to rely more heavily on trade, especially the spice trade. This resulted from Kediri development of a navy, giving them the opportunity to control the spice trade routes to eastern islands."
That included Papua -New Guinea north of Australia. The poor guy probably escaped down the east coast of Australia. ?


This man lived in late 1200s and had sword-cuts. Aboriginals had no metals.

Catalyst: Toorale Man murder mystery - ABC TV Science

Catalyst: Toorale Man murder mystery - ABC TV Science

Apr 7, 2015 - Bizarrely, the skull wounds on Toorale Man appear similar to those on gladiators in Imperial Rome. Dr Michael Westaway It was curious ...
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