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BBC Alba

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Old 22nd July 2015, 18:55
smaoin smaoin is offline
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I agree with the subtitles being in Gaelic, as long as it was optional. I found this very helpful with French tv in the past as you could read a more standard version of what people were saying and it gave your brain time to adjust to the sound of the language. They could start with the news and Id also like to see subtitles in Gaelic or dubbing into Gaelic, as they used to do on Eorpa, when people were speaking English.
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Old 24th July 2015, 10:48
ivy13 ivy13 is offline
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Tha tur agad a smaoin! B' fherr leamsa tbh Gidhlig le fo-thiotalan Gidhlig fhaicinn an ite faclan Beurla. Mhilladh iad an fhiolm no na naidheachdan riumsa gu tur! Ach, mar a thuirt thu, bhiodh e cudromach gur e cothrom a th'ann na fo-thiotalan a chuir dheth ma thogras tu. bhiodh seo cothrom a th'ann ri iteagan-obrach chruthachadh cuideachd airson daoine aig a bheil Gidhlig, tha mi a' dol leat a smaoin agus tha dreuchdan mar seo a' dhth air muinntir na h-Alba. Ma bhios obair a leithid ann bhiodh sin an cnan a' brosnachadh nam bheachd-sa.
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Old 24th July 2015, 11:55
smaoin smaoin is offline
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Ivy says that they prefer watching BBC Alba with Gaelic subtitles instead of English ones and that its important for viewers to have the choice as to whether they can switch the subtitles off or not. it will be an opportunity to create a job space with Gaelic and this is lacking at present. You're right Ivy.This will encourage Gaelic as a language of the future because there will be money on offer.
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