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Come join a facebook group for a Standard Scots Spelling

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Old 29th June 2015, 14:23
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John M Tait's main goal is to maintain and encourage use of the traditional dialect of Shetland. His work is readily understandable to anyone that cares to engage in by reading and his views are as a result of his experiences in the Scots Language movement and not shared by all campaigners. Minority languages are just as useful for communication and should be encouraged when they are local living languages.
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Old 9th July 2015, 16:52
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Im all for neologisms made from existing material of languages such as local dialect forms and cultural cross fertilization. This could be achieved in the same way that Lebanese Arabic has been influenced by French and English as well as by text speak just as other languages have been in the last fifteen to twenty years.
Tha mi airson co-ionnanas eatorra (tha mi a'ciallachadh Gidhlig agus Scots/a `Bheurla Ghallta anns an co-theacsa an seo) air sgths gur e sin an digh againn agus an rud as cudromaiche airson adhartas fhaighinn ged nach eil coltas dchasach orra an diugh. Is beag orm faclan dona an aghaidh a' Bheurla Ghallta ach tha rudan eile is nas miosa na h-aghaidh leithid mar an cunnart nach bi dad eile ann ach a Bheurla,. Nan robh Gidhlig ri fhaighinn fhathast, bhiodh seo cothrom airson buaidhean ra is feumail airson gach na da chnain ma thogras sinn faclan neo-eisimeileach na Bheurla neo Eireannach aca is cha channainsa nach biodh e smuain na b'fhearre againn mura robh am Beurla a-mhin an cnan eile ri fhaiginn air ar son. Air sgths gu bheil seo,tha mi ag iarraidh gum bi barrachd luchd-labhairt a bhruidhinn anns a' Gidhlig cuideachd s'na laethean a tighinn.

Im efter equalitie atween baith leids ( I mean Gaelic and Scots in thon context) and thons the richt wye fur tae gang. and the maist important hing fur makin progress een though it disnae look sae hopefu the nou. I cannae thole negative wurds agin Scots but it his other worse hings agin it sic as the risk thit thur willnae be oniething else apairt frae Inglis aroun. If Gaelic wis still around, it wuild gie an opportunitie fur fresh and usefu influences fur baith leids unthirlt frae Inglis and Irisch and I wuildnae say thit it wuild be a better idea gin ainlie Inglis wis available fur us. Its fur thon raison thit Im efter seein mair spikkers spikkin Gaelic tae in the days yet tae come.

Id like to see equality between both languages (I'm referring to Gaelic and Lowland Scots in this context) and this is the right way to go and the most important thing for making progress even though things don't look so promising at the moment. I dislike negative comments about Lowland Scots but it has worse problems such as the risk that there wont be any other languages around other than English. If Gaelic was around, it would give an opportunity for fresh and useful influences for both languages independent from English and Irish and I wouldn't say it would be a better idea if only English was available for us. Its for this reason that I want to see more Gaelic speakers in the days yet to come.
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Old 19th July 2015, 16:25
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Originally Posted by tig View Post
ive always kind of struggled to read scots.

i speak versions of it obviously but english reading an writing being drummed into me since i was a nipper makes it hard to read.

ive read quite a few books with various scots dialects and usually get the hang of it after a while though but trying to read

has me totally flummoxed

i understand what your trying to do right enough but ive no clue what half of that is saying.
We all want yogh, thorn and eth, accents... oh, and could you put half the "whs" to "quh" and the other half to "f", e.g. Fa kens quhit yir syin?

(Two can play at George Orwell quotes)
"In this country I dont think it is enough realizedI myself had no idea of it until a few years agothat Scotland has a case against England."
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