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Geography question

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Old 30th November 2012, 04:04
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Geography question

Someone suggested I post this query here as it wasn't getting answered in another thread, so here goes....

I'm researching the life of marine artist Robert E Groves. In an article he wrote about a trip to the western highlands in 1909, he mentions anchoring for the night in a place called "Camus na Talmhuinn", apparently it's a bay near Arisaig.

Can anyone tell me A) what it means, but more importantly, can anyone with a local map locate it and advise where it is? Lat longs would be ideal.

in Oz
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Old 5th April 2013, 11:20
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Camus na Talmhainn

Hi I am not a gaelic speaker the closest I can come to a translation would be

these translations are from website Am Faclair Beag - Scottish Gaelic Dictionary

Camus - inlet -ais, sm Bay, creek, harbour. 2** Crooked rivulet. 3 The space between the thighs. 4(AH) Stern-seat or a boat, see bta, p.76. An camas Clutha nan iomadh stuadh, in the bay of Clutha of many waves.
Dwelly-d Faclair Dwelly air loidhne Dwelly's Gaelic Dictionary Online


gen sing -aimh & talmhainn, pl. -an, -nan & -anta, m. in the nom. sing & f in the gen The earth. 2 Earth, land, soil. 3** Country. Talamh glas, unploughed land; talamh dubh, black land; 2 figuratively open weather, i.e. absence of snow in winter; talamh dearg, ploughed land; talamh fliuch, moist or wet land; talamh tiorm, dry land; talamh treabhaidh, arable land; talamh tilgte, soil removed from one place to another; aghaidh na talmhainn, the face of the earth; na talmhantan, the lands or cultivated lots of a crofting township; thugadh mi d' an talamh, I was taken to their country. [pl. also talmhainnean].

possibly Camus Na Talmahainn- the bay of the arable land.

Another website which would be useful is the the National Library of Scotland
Map images - National Library of Scotland, it has all the admirality charts for the Scottish coast on line they can be viewed and searched at your convenience.
they also have a lot of the early maps of Scotland, you might find something useful there.
Hope this helpd
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Old 5th April 2013, 22:06
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Camus na Talmhuinn gets a mention here

Alasdair mac Mhaighstir Alasdair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alasdair expected to be prosecuted and attempted to settle at Eignaig in Glen Uig but soon ran afoul of the estate management and moved again to Inverie in Knoydart. Again he did not remain there long and again moved to Morar and finally to Arisaig; Initially at Camus-na-talmhuinn and then at Sandaig.
Have you made enquiries in the Arisaig area ?
The name may be an old local one that has never been recorded on maps
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Old 6th April 2013, 03:58
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Sorry, should have posted the results sooner, but life got in the way....

From a local historian comes this:

The Camus na Talmhuinn will be Camas an t'Salainn (Bay of salt in Gaelic) and the "Sgurr Eigg" reference will be the old house beside the bay, built by Niss C. Astley, called Faire na Sgurr - faire comes from the verb to watch so in this case will be used to mean view of or sight of the Sgurr, which is a geographical feature (high rocky outcrop, sharp hill) on the island of Eigg which would have been visible from the house, but is now obscured by trees.

This link gives the location and info about the house.
Arisaig, Faire-na-sgurr - Arisaig And Moidart - Highland - Scotland | British Listed Buildings
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