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Mavericker 29th December 2005 23:56

Scottish terms of endearment
Hello. Besides jo, and dawtie, what are common terms of endearment for
children, men and women, that aren't derogatory?

Polwarth 29th December 2005 23:59

Neither of the terms you mention are in common use today.

For goodness SAKE man - consult a Scots/English or Lallans/English dictionary. :rolleyes:

Mavericker 11th January 2006 21:00

I was looking at a English/Doric-Doric/English dictionary, but it wasn't as comprehensive as I thought it was going to be.

Why is it affectionate to call a youngster a "beastie"?

Mavericker 12th January 2006 21:18

I noticed someone posted Gaelic endearments-does anyone here know any other Socts endearments?

SuperHaggis 15th January 2006 23:34

I'm Scottish and have never heard of a jo or a dawtie in my life. Sorry.

If you would tell us more about the context in which you're intending to use the words you're looking for, besides saying that it's going to be used by a travelling cat and dog wearing tartan legwarmers - which really doesn't make it any easier for us - we might be able to help.

I can't think of any specifically Scottish terms of endearment off the top of my head. If I do, I'll post them up.

Celyn 16th January 2006 17:37


Originally Posted by SuperHaggis
I'm Scottish and have never heard of a jo or a dawtie in my life. Sorry.

Both do exist but I have never heard them used.

Think of the Burns song John Anderson My Jo.

As for "dawtie", I'm fairly sure it occurs in Lewis Grassic Gibbons' "Sunset Song, used by Chris's mother to Chris.

However, both are either out of use or perhaps just very localised. Not much use for the wandering moggies.

Lithgae 16th January 2006 18:15


Originally Posted by Mavericker
Why is it affectionate to call a youngster a "beastie"?

Havent you ever heard Americans jokingly refer to kiddies as 'little monsters' or something like that? Same thing... it's a joke!

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