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translate English pronoun to Scottish

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Old 15th September 2005, 22:49
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Originally Posted by Raingeanach
On the contrary- the Scots language cannot be Lallans precisely because Lallans means Lowlands in Old English. It follows, logically, that Lallans has always been (well, ever since the Angles of Northumbria colonised the Lothians) the group of Old English dialects spoken north of the border.

Logically, the language of the original Scots of Argyll (Gaelic) is our true Scots language.

Try proving otherwise with conviction.
The nice (albeit feisty) lady asked a simple question. I gave her a simple answer.

I didn't say that Lallans was the Scots language , what I said was there are three languages common to Scotland, or do you have difficulty reading English as well as Gaelic?

As you yourself just said, Lallans is spoken north of the border. The last time I checked, north of the border was in Scotland.
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Old 15th September 2005, 22:53
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Ignore him SJ.... as all true Scots would say about him 'his clothes button up the back'.

Goodness the 'True Scots' thing is braw, izzitno?
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Old 15th September 2005, 22:59
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It is indeed!
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Old 15th September 2005, 23:12
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I'm going to use it as often as I can. I trust you will do the same?
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Old 15th September 2005, 23:23
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Only a true Scot would suggest such a thing!
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Old 15th September 2005, 23:35
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ROFL Some things never change, right?

Well, Fiesty Lady, first of define what you mean with Scottish! As you can tell, there's a debate stirred up all to quick, because there is Scottish GAELIC, which has nothing to do with English
The SCOTS dialects lallans and doric which have little to do with current modern English but lots with OLD English
and then of course, the accents and dialects of the modern English, so called Scottish ENGLISH.

Make your choice, and I think being called seamhair makes sense if you are a descendant of Highlands/Islanders and have a deeper interest in the Gaelic language. Otherwise, keep it simple. KISS the best for kids and pets.
'S toil leam Gàidhlig a bhruidhinn agus a leughadh agus sgrìobhadh oir 'se an cànan feumail agus àlainn a th' innte.
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Old 19th September 2005, 19:02
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Smile Seanmhair

Thank you everyone for your help. I very much appreciate it.
[color=SlateGray]So sorry to continue to be a bother, but I just want to be sure of something. My family is from Edinburgh, as far as I can tell that's not considered the lowlands,right? Wanting to be true to my family, it seems to me that Seanmhair is appropriate for me to use,yes?[/CO
Being from Edinburgh my family would use the Gaelic form of Scottish,yes?
I'm sure it's quite obvious that I'm an American, but I'm especially proud of my Scottish heritage. I know for those of you that have been born in Scotland only you are truly Scottish in the full sense of the word.
I've been passing on to my children their family legacy, and I want to do it accurately. Thanks so much all those who have responded.

Your Friend......
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