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Once Again, Mr Foxx is Wrong (and I told him so)

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Old 18th September 2004, 19:39
jasperthecat jasperthecat is offline
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My good sparing partner, Foxx wrote (or rather pasted) an interesting article about the rise of the Republican Right over the past few decades. Though I would love to claim the economic analysis was all mine (it isn't, I pinched it from a variety of economists, most of all, Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong) I offered caution to the wonderfull new world of free range freepers that may befall the fine country that is the US should we have another '4 more years' of mendacity, sycophancy, corruption and incompetence.

So, blow me down with the preverbial feather, but pogging through The Economist (that well know radical socialist journal) what do I find, but exactly what I wrote before:

SOMETHING odd is happening in the topsy-turvy world known as the US Treasury market.... Treasuries... have fallen back to a mere 4.2%.... There are, to be sure, some factors distorting the market, in the form of big purchases of Treasuries by Asian central banks in general and the Bank of Japan in particular....
[W]hy are yields falling when rates have risen so little from such a low base?... [L]ow and falling bond yields imply that investors consider the American economy to be more fragile than they had thought, and inflation a negligible threat.... There is certainly plenty of evidence for a slowdown. Job creation is anaemic by past standards. The monthly payroll figures are more closely watched by the bond market than any other economic statistic: on those rare occasions when job creation has surged, so have bond yields. Moreover, firms' inventories are rising. And figures released on September 15th showed that industrial production grew by a paltry 0.1% in August.
Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Fed, has said that recent economic weakness is a “soft patch”, which was, he said in recent testimony to Congress, “related, in large measure, to this year's steep increase in energy prices”. But oil prices and slightly higher rates are not the only brakes that are being applied to the economy. Fiscal policy is about to be tightened: tax rebates are due to run out at the end of this year. And the economy is likely to be more sensitive to any rises in interest rates because consumers are so much more indebted than they were in the past. All of this could mean that Mr Greenspan's soft patch is rather softer and longer-lasting than he expects it to be.
Debate about whether this might be true divides economists. Some think the Fed should carry on raising rates until they reach a more normal level. Others think that the economy is showing sufficient distress for the Fed to postpone putting up rates, or that any increases will be reversed next year. That would make bonds splendid value, even now.
Over to you Foxx...care to explain why investors fail to be singing from the same hymn sheets as you ? Could it be they know something you don't- like the 'economic recovery' is little more than a mirage, and that it will only reveal, like all mirages, a desert once you finally see what is really there, and not what you pretend ? Yes, '4 more years' of the same is sure to fix that one.

BTW, Mr Foxx, can you tell me what Bush's economic policies are if he gets re-elected, I noticed the distinct absense of any policies in the recent RNC- I take it he does actually have some, can you tell me what they are ?
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Old 20th September 2004, 04:23
PRgirl PRgirl is offline
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Well Jasper may I cut in here and be theatrical?

Well I did enjoy my stint in Acting class and may I be creative and pretend to be G W Bush and answer your truly concerned question with some Bushy logics on economics (all fictional I might add and all invented by yours truly):

"Well now that we got them terrorists good and licked. And now that every American home has a barbeque grill in its backyard, let us talk about the economy. You know people don't ask me them questions because they know things is going mighty well. Barbara Walters asked me the other day why I started drinking in the first place, and she was the only person who asked me that. I quit my beer guzzling at age 40. Cold chicken I quit too. Well, I told her the reason why I started drinking is cuz I liked the taste of beer and liquor. I did. Now, you are askin' bout the economy--well, the reason why the conomy is doing so well is because of the free rebates I gave to the taxpayers so they could go shoppin' tax free and build up our economy. My strategy is to allow them (the Nacirema people), the ability to take those floating tax rebate dollars and do what the great state of Texas does every year. Once a year we lift the sales tax on school items and clothes so that them there Humble, Texas folk can go and spend up the money in consumer goods like they is suppose to be doing. Travel, go to Disney World. Don't worry about no terrorists going to the Shopping Malls of Nacirema land. We have posses waitin' to lasso in them Muhammads wherever they might be sneaky enough to try to show up in. We got them smoked, we got them licked. We got em' beat. And we is gonna get Bent Lead Man even if I has to ride Air Force one over Riyadh myself....(Bushy gets interrupted by Candy Rice who tells him not to deal with Saudi Arabia to focus on something else he regurgitates and recapacitates and says instead), we shall go to Mecca and Damascus, and Theran. We shall smoke out what is left of Bent Lead Man and make Wal-Mart ooopps China Mart safe for Nacirema folk to shop. That is our plan for the economy. You can take that to the BANK. And to the Carlyle group too. Whoa, my kisser is dry as a whistle. Where is my O'Doul beer Candy Rice?"

LOL. One has to have some fun once in a while NO? Buenas Noches Jasper.

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Old 21st September 2004, 10:04
Foxx Foxx is offline
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"It ain't the economy this presidential election, stupid!"

It was all about John Kerry's controversial war record in Vietnam, which was an extremely stupid issue to bring up 30 years after the fact and in the middle of another war, and now has become all about the alleged CBS-DNC plot to attack Bush's military service with forged documents and perjury, which is also an extemely stupid move by the alleged genius of the Left.

The Details of Rathergate:


Like Forrest Gump said:

[b]"Stupid is as stupid does."

[Edited by Foxx on 21st September 2004 at 10:22]
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Old 21st September 2004, 15:59
jasperthecat jasperthecat is offline
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Still clutching at straws ehh foxx ?

Funny how you are so indignant over the CBS report whereas not a peep from you over all the falsehoods from the Swift Boat Liars for Bush. Guess truth is something you only pay lip service to is it ?

So according to Mr foxx-pundit, the election is NOT about the following:

1. The Economy
2. The War in Iraq
3. The increase in terrorist threats to the US and others- as reported by the Pentagon .
4. The failure of the Middle East Road Map
5. The failure to acknowledge environmental threats that even the Pentagon said were a larger threat than terrorism
6. The increasing inequality in the US
7. The falling standards and schools and hospitals
8. The record number without adequate or existing health insurance
9. The fact that within 15 years the US will be the first developed country with a falling life expectancy rate.
10. The failure of reconstruction in both Iraq and Afghanistan
11. The failure to find Bin Laden

No, according to Mr foxx, it is all about the fact that while Kerry served his country, Bush was too stoned and pissed to even complete his duties several thousand miles from where bullets were flying.

I am going to wear a little purple liver and nostrils with ‘self inflicted’ on it.
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Old 21st September 2004, 18:10
jasperthecat jasperthecat is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2002
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Are you going to tell us then foxx

I am still waiting for you to tell us what Bush's policies will be for the next 4 years- does it really take you more than 2 days to try and find them ?
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Old 22nd September 2004, 06:10
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Hey, now,jasperthecat, get off foxxie Boy's back, why don't ya?

He can't help being so sad.

And what he would be telling you, if you only give him a chance, is that Mr. Bush, President of those fine States of America, has an economic plan to knock your socks off!

Yes sirree! Ol' Georgie Bush learnt well at the knee of his pappie. And he's made some elementary mistakes when interviewed by those nasty shrewd interviewers who ask such awkward questions as "What doyou think,Mr. Pres.?"

It's not that long ago that Daddy had to calm him down after one of those terrifying interviews. Daddy said, "Now my little Geordie, just remember what we told you when my rich friends and I were grooming you for the job of President - the only trick question that really matters, and that you gotta look out for is the one they mightthrow quickly at you. You remember what that question is? No! Oh,well, I'll tell it to you again - and you've got to make sure that you have the answer ready to give right back to them - snappy like! The question, remember, is "And, Mr. President, do you remember what your name is - and do you think you can tell us now?"

Anyway, jasperthecat - let's get back to Bush's plans for the economy that suit Foxxie Boy.

Simple, really, reduce the unemployment numbers byputtingas many people as is need in the Armed Forces to go overseas. Militarism could become the biggest industry that America has in the next few years if Bush is re-elected. And it doesn't have to cost as much as overseas invasions is costing America now - well, in monetary terms anyway; the body countwill forever increase, regretfully - for Bush's regime will tax (call itwhat you will) the peoples ofthose foreign countries for American troops coming to give them 'Freedom'.

And what does it mean for Foxxie Boy himself. Well, he won't be sad anymore, and he won't be plaguing us on these forums either. He'll be telling Bush how instrumental Foxxie has been in the campaigh, and he'll be needed back as a Military Intelligence man for the Republic. Spying overseas is profitable business.

So, jasperthecat, maybe we should give Foxxie Boy a break here?

In fact, it strikes me that he has a way of making himself the subject of these sites instead of the real issue. Now that's cunning Intelligence tactics at work, isn't it?

Or is it merely EGO?

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Old 22nd September 2004, 18:48
dj_who dj_who is offline
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People who enter the United States military do so by choice, Boy. If this reduces unemployment then so be it, unless you are the supreme authority on what should be considered a job.

You seem to forget Kerry's economic stance. Or, that is, the LACK OF ONE.
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