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October Tip-A-Day Calendar: Hints and Tricks to Make Life Easier

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October Tip-A-Day Calendar: Hints and Tricks to Make Life Easier

1 OctoberSaturday) Paint the handles of house keys with flourescent paint so they're easy to spot.

2 OctoberSunday) Bake a batch of your child's favorite cookies with her. Write down the recipe and put it in a notebook so she can start her own cookbook.

3 OctoberMonday) Before heading to the grocery store, call the manager to find out if advertised specials are in stock and still available.

4 OctoberTuesday) Slip plastic bags over your hands when kneading bread or mixing messy ingredients, such as those for meat loaf.

5 OctoberWednesday) Clean the refrigerator by taking out shelves, ice trays and other moveable parts and washing with a solution of baking soda and warm water. Rinse and dry.

6 OctoberThursday) Refrigerate tubs of sour cream and cottage cheese upside down to keep them fresher longer.

7 October: (Friday) Put on rubber gloves to open a stubborn jar. Or wrap a few rubber bands around the lid for traction.

8 OctoberSaturday) If you have the space, put two hampers in the bathroom. One for whites, and one for colors.

9 October: (Sunday) Take the fammily to a nearby museum. Everyone gets to pick one exhibit to visit.

10 OctoberMonday) Get dirt off car floor rugs by rubbing with a small amount of spray carpet shampoo, then wiping away with a damp sponge. Air dry.

11 OctoberTuesday) Chewing gum stuck to the floor? Hold an ice cube on
the gum until it hardens, then gently pull it up with a dull knife.

12 October: (Wednesday) When making plans to meet a chronic latecomer, tell her you'll see her 15 minutes before yu actually plan to arrive at your destination.

13 OctoberThursday) Instead of hanging sweaters, fold them so the shoulders don't stretch when they're stored.

14 OctoberFriday) Buy candy that you don't like for Halloween. You'll be less to sample any of the trick-or-treaat sweets stash.

15 OctoberSaturday) Replace the muissing tab obn a zipper temporarily with a paper
clip or safety pin.

16 OctoberSunday) Perk up a faded garden by making a scarecrow. Have each family member rovide one piece of old clothing to be loosely stuffed with straw.

17 OctoberMonday) To prevent rust from forming on tools, purt a few mothballs inside the toolbox.

18 OctoberTuesday) To get rid of a staininside a vase, put a handful of uncooked rice inside, fill with soapy water and shake, Pour out and rinse.

19 OctoberWednesday) Remove screen doors and windows. Wash and make necessary repairs before putting them away for the season.

20 OctoberThursday) Repeat the name of a person you've just been introduced to in the conversation, and again when you say goodbye. You'll most likely remember it.

21 October(Friday): Use the scale when buying produce. One head of lettuce might look large but weigh less then another.

22 OctoberSaturday) If you are interrupted while knitting or crocheting, clip a clothespin over the work needles to prevent slipped stitches.

23 OctoberSunday) Cover or take out window air conditioners.

24 OctoberMonday) Use free paint sample strips as bookmarks.

25 OctoberTuesday) Host a kids' pumpkin-carving party. Cut sandwiches in the shape of pumpkins with a cookie cutter,

26 OctoberWednesday)To prevent outdoor locks from freezing, put a piece of tape over the keyhole and cover the whole thing with a plastic bag.

27 OctoberThursday) Take a look at your thermostats. Remove faceplates amd blow away any lint that's collected.

28 OctoberFriday) Keep your pet out of sight or on a leash during trick-or-treating. He can egt excited by kids in strange costumes.

29 OctoberSaturday) Change all of the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide units.

30 OctoberSunday) Check out local Halloween decorations.

31 OctoberMonday) Have a happy and safe Halloween!

HELP!! Those are parentheses---the FIRST part that show-up as UNHAPPY FACES!! Oh, MY!! LOL
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