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Interesting article on the Anglicisation of the Scots

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Old 28th July 2011, 14:08
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Apict just to bring you up to date the member Sgoinneil has been banned because Admin, the moderators and most of the other members thought he was a troll. I was just about the only one here who never once called him a troll and I asked that he not be banned because I thought it was better to debate the issues he was raising. If you don't like the way I happen to debate any given topic that doesn't really concern me.
"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

- Martin Luther King Jr.
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Old 31st July 2011, 04:49
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Banned or quarantined ?

I have not used the term Troll regarding this member.

In my view, people with sense of argument (whether for reasons attached to a topic or just for the sake of argument) which get other members' blood boiling may be frustrating but they do stop a site from becoming boring. I certainly wouldn't ban them for that.

Personal attacks and immoderate language toward other members (and I'm not at all suggesting this member has done either) is not acceptable of course.
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Old 31st July 2011, 16:10
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i dont mind a difference of opinion either but if some one with no knowledge of the topic they are speaking about is calling Scottish culture inherently racist without any evidence what so ever then ill be the 1st to tell him hes wrong....
i proved he was wrong several times ...i proved he had fabricated figures...i proved he was lying ...yet it made no difference

he was a troll as defined my most web dictionaries

no doubt he'l appear again at some point and pick up from where he left off.
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Old 2nd August 2011, 06:28
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a bit like dry rot
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Old 3rd December 2013, 13:58
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Competition, competition, competition.

Should we compete, seperate in competition?

Or should we realize our true historic connections?

I have family in Scotland, though i live in England.

I love the Scottish and i love the English.

If Scotland goes independent, i would hope to be accepted
in that land, dear to my heart. I would rather live in a place,
where no evil family rules over me.

This family being the royal one.

A typical genetic example of this royal family:

..King Alfred does prescribe corporeal punishments,
such as the cutting out of the tongue,
which may however be averted by paying a fee...
[ A typical pharaonic mentality.]

Before the invasions , this entire land was populated by welsh natives,
if i am correct.

The welsh had spread throughout the UK. From North wales, into
North England / Scotland.

The saxon, danish invaders had their own variant of pharaohs
idol worship religion.[ idol worship captial of world - Egypt ]

In the UK, we had our own variant of pharaohs religion.

The druids were connected to the Egyptian priests.
As were the leaders of the saxons / danish. [ Woden descendants]

These invasions were one large family, fighting amongst themselves
for domination.

In Ireland, Wales, Scotland [picts] and England, the royal blood was all

''Anglo-Saxon royalty recorded symbols representing
magical or totemic inspirations[hieroglyphics] whose meaning is lost to us. Only invocations to the god of war,
Tiw, are still recognizable....''[ Just as pharoah's brother,
the priest, would do in war ]

''It is enough to record that pagan Britain still practiced
ritual live burials and ritual murders, often in company
with the burial of the royal blooded. Dogs, horses,
and foodstuffs, as well as entire sets of household goods
and weapons were often buried in the grave of a noble.
[Ancient Egyptian practice]

This stopped with christianity. The so called converted
christian royals then always maintained that you can't
take it with you.''[ Disconnect new generations from
Egyptian beliefs]

''The Christian nature of the government in England
was made manifest with the coronation of Edgar the
Wise, in the nation's first elaborate Christian
coronation service. This ceremony made clear
the divine source of the Royal authority..''

This means then, prior to this coronation,
this same royal family was telling lies about its
divine pagan source. Thus, was now rendered criminal
due to the pagan past - laws, punishments, wars.

They should have been chucked out, there and then.
Held to account.

Also, why were all the famous 'chirstian' monks, son's
of pagan kings or certainly related to pagan royalty?

Because this is an Egyptian royal trait - keep it
in the family to ensure only they propogate the nonsense.

Imagine the urgency in the royal household
to keep hold of us, following the failure of their
old religion due to its evils. While at the same time,
keeping the populace in the dark concerning
christian monks being sons of still pagan kings etc...
and the obvious divinity issue.
They had to keep hold of us to fight their wars for them
and exploit us as they have always done....

''The terrors of war, during even the fifth and sixth
centuries, drove the Scots and Britons to seek
refuge in the extremities of the island. From this period
'genuine religion' began to decline in the country,
and was fast approaching to a complete exit, when two
circumstances, concomitant with the labours of Columba,
contributed to its revival and establishment.
Ethelbert, King of Kent, had married a Christian princess
of the house of Clovis...''

History of the Town and Castle of Dumbarton

Notice in the above, failure to mention the important
facts that King Clovis was a pagan as were Ethelbert's
forefathers before him.

This BRITISH / GLOBAL royal family was telling lies about their
old gods, so expected us to trust them, with their new god -
and we did.

Its time to ask questions , i think. They have been fabricating
since the dawn of time.
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