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Old 4th March 2013, 07:35
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Originally Posted by TheLastLazyGun View Post
And Scot is the Latin word for "pirate". That's why they called you Scots. Because the Irish ancestors of the Scots - those who settled in Argyll and eventually formed Scotland with the Picts - raided the coasts of Roman Britain and the Romans were so annoyed with you that they called you "Scotti" as a term of abuse.

You may not like that and try to deny it despite the overwhelming evidence from experts - of which you are not one - that there is all over the place. I know that "Scot" means "pirate" and that's all that matters for me. You can think whtever you like.
theres a difference between being an expert as you put it , which i havent claimed to be , and talking cac , which you seem to be fond of.

if scotti was the word for pirate , why was it only the irish tribes who were called pirates then???

They've only been there since they arrived there from Ireland, bringing Gaelic with them. Why do you think Gaelic is spoken in Scotland and that it's almost identical to that spoken in Ireland? You are deluding yourself if you think it's mere coincidence.
Straw man argument. i said the gaels had been in argyll since recorded history , kuno meyer was the historian who famously said that no gael set foot in prydain except from a boat that put out from ireland. i dont disagree with him either.
proto celtic , the ancestor of gaelic and brythonic was spoken in both ireland and britian before the milesian gaels came to ireland from iberia.
the irish and scottish languages , while originally tha same , have been diverging for centuries , there are about 500 words difference between them , often described as being different like spanish and italian.
another straw man argument i never made , to deflect from the fact you talk nonsense.

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

over to you brains
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