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Houssine 15th March 2006 12:53

The origin of the Scottich
My name is Houssine Najaar,i'm 40 years old,i'm specialised in ethnology and linguistic,i born near Paris in 1965 ,i'm arab from Algeria in north africa,between 1990 and 1993,i have studied tree years history in university of Paris 1,Pantheon-Sorbonne,the enseignement of this tree years in Sorbonne is in French universities history course is only ideological enseignement,in this period between 1990-1993 i see teatcher who are communist,socialist,royaliste...all are the fanatic for what he believ.They are professors who are favorabl for the 1789 french revolution and other against.It's absolutly ridicul if any one speak about the objectivity in french historien,of course afther this period i don't take any degree (context of the war in Irak...) and certainly i don't have any party.Afther this short introduction i want to speak about the origin of the celtics poepls befor the division in a tribs or clan like you want,of course they are more one hypothese about this poepls,Biblical origins the celts is hebraic jew purchased from Jerusalem,an others hypothesys the celts was originaly from Rome and beome in the Great-Britain whit Brutus who give his nam for the bretons,others call the celts was the phenitiens navigator who are instaled in this countries for the commerce,others call the Scottish is from the North-Africa because they are similitude in the name of the place ORAN is the name of town in north-western of algeria,and others call the celts was the old semitic population because they are silmilitude in the Gaelic,Judaic and arab language,the verb is in the first position for this languages we have Verb-Subject-Complement,where is the tru hypothese?I'm ethnologue and linguist,i study not the origin of the Scottich but the cultur in relation whit a ethnic population.And i can proced a comparison amongst them :Breton,Scotish,Irish...we have different evolution of this poepls,if you take the present time,we see most of them don't speak a celtic language but english for Scotish,Irish,Welsh...etc and french for Breton and pearhaps arabic for poepls who live in North-africa befor the arabs was becoming in the 7 th century,i believ the evolution in ethnic societies is very important for understanding what we are today.I can call i do no what is the origin of the pict because this societies is oral societies,i don't believ this argument is correct.

Houssine 21st April 2006 17:27

Gaelic for an historian
Treachdair,s.m.An historian

Houssine 21st April 2006 17:51

The Picts is originaly from north Africa
In add to my precedent méssage about the origins of picts,i would like give a new element about North-Africans provenance of the picts.They are lotof old strong in south of Algeria whit old inscription the nam of this inscrpition is Tiphinag personaly i contest this appelation because ins not the correct .Archelog are named this inscription tifinag only because believe this inscpition is from phenician caracters.My personel opinion is whitout a dout this old inscription is the primitif old gaelic,the identity between this inscritions and picts inscriptions is absolutly identical.I believ the old celts stay in this areas South Algeria befor his emigration to britannic isle and afther coming from arabic peninsula. Can anyone know when we can see the inscpition who are discovered in the Hogar (South Algerien desert),web site?I believ if you compare the two inscription you will be persuaded of the same identity between them.

Polwarth 21st April 2006 19:07

I bet this might be of interest, if only we could understand what you are typing.....

SherbrookeJacobite 22nd April 2006 17:11


Originally Posted by Houssine
personaly i contest this appelation because ins not the correct .

The Appelation Mountains are in Eastern North America.

Houssine 22nd April 2006 18:11

The celtic origin
In a precedent message i cal they are evidently relation between the picts writting and the the writting who are discovering in the south Algeria,in the sahara,the region whish the name is HOGAR or AHAGAR,in this regions they are old writting or picture whish are absolutly identical whit the pict writting,i believ the population of that times in those areas are celtic population,other element proof my theory is correct in North Algeria they are a very old town i have he is founded by Scottich priest his name is URAN and the name of this city is ORAN in english and WAHRAN in Arabic,i believ the celtics ethnies is originaly from Arabic peninsula come in the Ile of Britain in the old time pearhaps 6000 before the present,this populations was staying a time in Algerian sahara in the Hogar,whish are the pict inscription and than this population have migrated to the north and founded the town of URAN or ORAN and afthers that this population was divised in tree parts one have stayed in the South Algeria is probably the TWAREG ? and the second group is stayed in ORAN whi i'm originated and the tird group have emigrated in the british isle,the others division is of course between : Scottish,Irish,Wales...Please if they are any specialist of archeology of this area of south Algeria i conjur him he give us his knowledge about this ecriture.
They are others caracters to proof the celts is descendand of old Arabs tribs,today many personns call the synbol of Islam is the fertif crescent and the Green colour,you say like me the green for the celts is important colour look the name of "GLASGOW" glas is the green.I'm ethnologyst and linguist,i'm very serious in my reshearch.This my theory i believ whitout dout the celtic populations have coming to the British Isle par la mer ,i'm sorry i writt in french because i don't have sufficient vocabulary in english you can see my message about this case in religion and philosophy), i repeat the celtics populations was coming in the british isles by the sea from the mediteraneen sea and contourned the iberic peninsula,and the Angls and Saxons,who are germanic population whitout the dout have becoming by the earth.I believ the Celtics population and the Germanics population is absolutly opposed in all,ethnicity,folklor,language,political systems,the Celtic population is democratic,pacific who love the peace and justic if you read the legend of the king Arthur you are convainging by my arguments,the populations which have Germanic origin,like french,english,part of americain population was agressive,violent,dictatorial ,want dominated the world ,the french empir,english empirs...they are explication of this behavior the mind of the celt is open mind in the old time the celts live in the sahara and afther near the sea the sahara or the sea is not different he give a plenitud for the man but the Germanic population leave inside the earth whit the sauvage animals like le loup (i'm sorry le loup in french ) this behaviour was violent for the protection of the self and he creat a dictatorial power for the protections of the community against the nature.

Celyn 22nd April 2006 18:48

[quote=Houssine] say like me the green for the celts is important colour look the name of "GLASGOW" glas is the green.

Not grey?


Originally Posted by Houssine
...........animals like le loup (i'm sorry le loup in french ) ..........

Loup = wolf.

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