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World AIDS day

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Old 1st December 2001, 14:13
AFI AFI is offline
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Do they have a world cancer day? This years slogan is "I care do you?"

More people will die of cancer in the next 24hrs than will ever die of HIV/AIDS in the next year.

Can anybody explain why we have a special day for AIDS and not cancer?

Cheers Al

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Old 2nd December 2001, 15:53
crying-charlie crying-charlie is offline
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Hi Al, I wish I could! As you know Cancer is something that is close to me, at this time.

Maybe we should start a "World Cancer day" haw about the 1st December?

Anyway, If I don't speak before, have a great Hogmany.

See ya.
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Old 7th December 2001, 12:33
Marti33 Marti33 is offline
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World Aids day

In my opinion the reason we have a World Aids Day and not World Cancer Day is because when AIDS became known it appeared as if it was cataclysmic, people all around the world were worried about it, whereas beacause cancer has been with us much longer it has become part of everyday culture, and therefore is percieved as a lesser evil by the majority of people. Anyone who has personally been affected in some way by cancer knows it is not. There must be something we could do on these boards to raise awareness and maybe start the ball rolling towards a World cancer day.

What do you think?
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Old 28th December 2001, 11:31
White-Tiger White-Tiger is offline
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Smile Good Idea!

Spread it around the world - and if we can get all the cancer charities behind 1 day then it would hold so much more force. If they all start wanting seperate days then people might get confused and not give as much!

Paws for thought

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Old 29th December 2001, 12:00
-Mhairi- -Mhairi- is offline
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I guess there is a world AIDS day cos HIV is something more spectacular than cancer...first of all - forgive me, it's not about discrimination - people heard about it as a virus mainly concerning gays and prostitutes...groups that were no accepted members of a "good" society. So being HIV-positive was something scandalous...people despised the victims and considered the virus a kind of punishment.
In the streets I once got a paper against satanism...it was also written that "homosexual activities and sex without being married is a big sin, God detests those who do this, and AIDS is His punishment!"
That's why we need a World AIDS day I guess, to show solidarity.

However, cancer is neither spectacular nor scandalous, but terrible and cruel.
I know what I'm talking about. I lost my grandma, after a fight of nearly ten years, and I almost lost my father.
In my swimming club,we lost a woman. She was only 40, having three children under 16.
I'm studying medicine, and the body we have to perform an autopsy on once belonged to a woman, 38, cancer.
A friend of mine who I have known since primary school nearly died of cancer. They had to amputate one of her breasts, not a very nice imagination for a girl of 21, but she lives.

Please, let's start it.
At least one day, to remember all these people and their fights.
It's a shame that such a day doesn't exist.
A World AIDS day, a World Children Day, a day to remember the victims of the New York attack...

Why no World Cancer Day?

I send my best wishes to all of you who have friends or relatives fighting against cancer.
Stay strong, be there for them, try to give them hope, and, religious or not, God help you.


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Old 29th December 2001, 23:26
crying-charlie crying-charlie is offline
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Thank you for your kind words Mhairi
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Old 30th December 2001, 12:14
-Mhairi- -Mhairi- is offline
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Words are almost nothing in this case...I feel stupid cos I can't really express what I want to say. It all sounds so...empty. Cancer makes me feel helpless and useless, and I hate this feeling.
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