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is it true scots people lose teeth?

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Old 17th March 2008, 19:07
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im missing two teeth one that shows somewhat

got one pulled last summer or one more and then one next to it broke few months later and then another one chipped after i was having just one more bit of sunflower seeds

im throughtwith nuts and seeds

now i just have one tooth to fix i guess
i am not the band the daily flash and have no connection to them.i just like the music
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Old 27th January 2011, 20:57
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Send a message via AIM to thedentist
this is where an advise is helpful

guys, gals and kids,
why worry about the past and the future of your teeth? keep them safe and healthy while you can... 2 tips: do not smoke, don't forget to gargle
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Old 30th January 2011, 03:39
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Here in Oman, dentists are getting rich on caps, they seem to have an aversion to fillings. My ex-boss spent over RO 4,000 - about $ 8,500 on caps in a series of appointments.

I'm just letting mine slowly rot till it's time to pull them out

Mind you, there's always DIY. Chris H, architectural project manager here (ex-Rhodesian Army officer and Ranulph Fiennes gung-ho, go for it type) once developed toothache over a weekend. Famously, he decided to do something about it. He went to his desert-ready 4 x 4's toolbox and got out a pair of pliers, went to the bathroom and pulled his own tooth ! Now, sounds corny but it's very true, he discovered he'd pulled the wrong one, so he had to go back in again, amidst the blood etc and howk out the actual bad tooth !!!
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Old 12th April 2011, 04:09
oldspider oldspider is offline
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I'm the US and not rich but I have health care. When I lived in NY that included dental but now I live in Texas and until I turned 65 I didn't have dental but I seldom needed a dentist anyway. I went to one after I turned 65. He cleaned my teeth, took xrays and replaced two fillings that were amalgam and now are the white stuff that looks better. I had no out of pocket expenses and he was an excellent dentist. The only thing that bothered me was the number of screaming kids in the waiting room.
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Old 12th April 2011, 04:51
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Talking Dental Care

The USA has excellent dental care it just is very expensive and few have insurance. Most moderate to wealthy citizens have excellent teeth. The Uk seems to be a bit more tolerant of bad teeth from an aesthetic standpoint. I wonder if the original poster was a hockey player who didn't brush and floss!
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Old 12th April 2011, 07:27
DarrenSpriing DarrenSpriing is offline
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Like everywhere there are good and bad dental practices, there is also state and private service provision for taking care of your teeth, I myself have made it to 24 now and still have all of my teeth, no fillings, so I must be one of the lucky ones...

You have people everywhere who do or do not take care of their teeth.

Quick question off at a tangent, why does the rest of the world think Brits have terrible teeth, what was it in the past that made this association stick?

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Old 12th April 2011, 12:51
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What we really need are more dentists like the one in England who is being investigated for unacceptable conduct.

He regularly farted loudly when attending clients and also at break-times, so that colleagues protested and felt sick at the ever-present miasma in the dental offices. He also behaved inappropriately to female colleagues.

As well as that, he insisted that would-be clients who he suspected of being short of money had to pay up first before any treatment was offered. In fact, one complainant testified that he went through her handbag to check if she had enough money.

If that's not enough, he also had a bad habit of cursing and swearing in front of clients and colleagues and sticking his fingers up in a V sign (for Americans, a sort of british middle finger) at the backs of any clients he didn't like.

He sounds like fun !
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