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Americans Sicker Than English

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Old 25th August 2010, 14:59
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That was Robert Bruce's henchman after Bruce had stabbed Comyn in the chapel. The murder was unfortunate but as it turned out it was one of the most important events in Scottish history.
"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

- Martin Luther King Jr.
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Old 25th August 2010, 15:11
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Gie that man a lollipop! wullie m
Nooadays Margaret Curran would label it knife-crime!
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Old 29th August 2010, 04:16
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Aye Comyn felt a lot siccar after he was chibbed !
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Old 30th October 2011, 16:27
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Originally Posted by CatherineB View Post
*most people do not have insurance*

The universal health coverage plan here is; "Don't get Sick!". Just 2 months ago I split my knuckle open while washing dishes (I was washing the inside of a glass) and I had to just hope that the bleeding stopped because I certainly cannot afford to spent hundreds of dollars on an emergency room visit to get stitches. Many people here are used to treating themselves for illnesses and injuries. Even if you do have insurance, there is still a copay and then if your insurance doesn't cover a certain treatment then you have to pay for it out of pocket. (The only time I regularly see a doctor is once a year for a "women's exam".)

did hope and change obama make things better?


medicaid helped me when i had shingles under bush
i am not the band the daily flash and have no connection to them.i just like the music
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Old 30th October 2011, 16:35
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Originally Posted by thedailyflash View Post
when i had shingles under bush
now shingles under bush is one thing you DONT want to have
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Old 2nd December 2011, 16:18
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a bit old post, to be sure, but Brits are only slightly, in some studies, less sick then Americans....better health, overall, is found in Continent and S. Europe (blue zones in Sardinia and Ikaria for example).

Yes, AMericans are arrogant into thinking that a few less waiting lines=better health.....to be sure, some European states have screwed up health care, others it works well.....all said,the stats not favoring the "yanks"
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