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oldkings89 9th February 2015 00:14

descendant of kings Alexander I, Malcolm III, David I, and Duncan I
I am looking for more information and possibly a clan to join I am descendant of these 4 kings that I discovered on Genealogy, Family Trees & Family History Records at and found in my family tree. They are as followed with generation:

Alexander I 27th great grandfather
Malcolm III 28th great grandfather
David I 28th great grandfather
Duncan I 29th great grandfather

I am wondering if there would be a clan I could join for being related to them? this relationship is on my moms side of the tree.

mikeyBoab 9th February 2015 12:43

You don't join a clan as such. You are either born into or marry into a clan - it's really just a word for family or tribe.

Do you claim Scottish descent?

Polwarth 11th February 2015 14:54

By a bit of a stretch, mebees?;)

mikeyBoab 13th February 2015 16:02

Just a tad...

Polwarth 13th February 2015 19:05

Notice how naebdi's related tae peasants?:D

mikeyBoab 13th February 2015 21:01

Am are!

My 35 great grandfather on my mother's father's father's mother's side was nobody of note.

Polwarth 13th February 2015 22:31

A man o nae particular lineage..... Sure you're no relatit tae William Wallace ur Macbeth?;)

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