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What started your interest in genealogy?

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Old 23rd October 2005, 20:48
Peter_Martin Peter_Martin is offline
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I am not sure who will have the negative. It appears to be a studio portrait. This ancester lived in rural Ayrshire. So the picture could have been taken in Ayr or Kilmarnock or even Glasgow on a day out. The picture has a material backing and in pencil in very messy handwriting are the words "Special photographic paper".
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Old 24th October 2005, 01:31
HollyElise HollyElise is offline
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hahahhaha! Well, that narrows it down, doesn't it?
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Old 29th January 2008, 02:13
Ryan3932 Ryan3932 is offline
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Exclamation My interest in Genealolgy.

What started my interest in my family Genealogy was a book called "The First Hundred Years" about a town called Lantzville in British Columbia, Canada, which my ancestor first settled. My great-grandmother showed me this book just last year and it sparked an interest in me. Next thing I knew I was typing William Hinksman born 1841 into the Google search box. In about a month with some email messages back and forth from me to a genealogy super-fanatic distant Hinksman cousin of mine, My tree dated back to about 1656. To me Genealogy is not about stories and articles etc, it is about your ancestors, more specifically knowing who your ancestors were and where they had come from, knowing your lineage and genealogical background.

Best Wishes,
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Old 11th July 2010, 16:39
mamabaer16 mamabaer16 is offline
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What started my interest in genealogy

I never knew my grandfather, we were never even allowed to ask what happened to him. The story from my father (which was told to him by his mother) was that my grandfather left her with 3 young children my father was only 2. The problem is that my father's maternal grandfather always told him that his father (my dad's) was a good man. Always struck me odd that a father would stick up for a man who supposedly left his daughter! I believe there was a lot more to it. I know a few facts about my paternal grandfather, he was born in Edinborough, 8 Septemer 1884, and that he was a freemason - being a mason would be in direct contradiction to the things we were taught to believe - that he left my grandmother. I'm sure every family has a skeleton in their closet and I want to find the truth about the man I never knew. (He did try to contact my dad several times throughout his life, but my father being close to his mother would never even give his father a chance, he died believing his father abandoned him.)
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Old 11th July 2010, 18:26
Auld Chiel Auld Chiel is offline
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All my dead relatives were so much more interesting than the living ones, not to mention that Brigadoom made the Auld Sod seem so much more appealing than the New World.
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Old 27th January 2011, 03:03
mamabaer16 mamabaer16 is offline
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I have been so fortunate in my search for family that I have actually found living family in Scotland, what an enormous blessing! I have had the opportunity to "Skype" with my second cousin. I have a photo of the grandfather I never knew, as well as photos of my great and great-great grandparents. It was all due to a post I made a decade ago. So for those who are just beginning, or who have been working, keep at it. If you are lucky you will be as blessed as I have been. It was really important for me to know my "roots", I've truly been blessed.
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Old 29th April 2014, 09:56
Wolseley Wolseley is offline
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I haven't done much genealogical research for a few years now, but my interest started in the early 1980s - my mother mentioned that we had some sort of connection to Robert Burns, but didn't know what it was. I decided to find out if the story was fact or fiction. It turned out that I have no real relationship to Burns himself, but I am a direct descendant of his grandfather.
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