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You know you are a mother...

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Old 28th September 2005, 14:17
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You know you are a mother...

You Know You're A Mom...

1. You count the sprinkles on each kid's cupcake to make sure they're

2. You want to take out a contract on the kid who broke your child's
favorite toy and made him/her cry.

3. You have time to shave only one leg at a time.

4. You hide in the bathroom to be alone.

5. Your child throws up and you catch it.

6. Someone else's kid throws up at a party and you keep eating.

7. You consider finger paint to be a controlled substance.

8. You mastered the art of placing food on a plate without anything

9. Your child insists that you read "Once Upon a Potty" out loud in
the lobby of the doctor's office, and you do it.

10. You hire a sitter because you haven't been out with your husband
in ages, then spend half the night talking about and checking on the

11. You hope ketchup is a vegetable because it's the only one your
child eats.

12. You can't bear the thought of your son's first girlfriend.

13. You hate the thought of his wife even more.

14. You find yourself cutting your husband's sandwiches into unusual

15. You fast-forward through the scene when the hunter shoots
Bambi's mother.

16. You obsess when your child clings to you upon parting during his
first month at school, then obsess when he skips in without
looking back the second month.

17. You can't bear to give away baby clothes -- it's so final.

18. You hear your mother's voice coming out of your mouth when
you say, "Not in your good clothes."

19. You stop criticizing the way your mother raised you.

20. You read that the average 5-year-old asks 437 questions a day and
feel proud that your kid is "above average."

21. You say at least once a day, "I'm not cut out for this job," but you
know you wouldn't trade it for anything.
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Old 28th September 2005, 14:27
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Old 28th September 2005, 17:17
miserysmother miserysmother is offline
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oh my goodness all the above is soooooo true!
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Old 29th July 2007, 06:09
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Oh the joys of motherhood... All the vomit of the world couldn't make me give it up!
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Old 4th September 2007, 15:47
gamequeen88 gamequeen88 is offline
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i know mother is not easily to be.

but this give us the general rules to be. thank you O.P
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Old 20th January 2008, 22:49
Texasmujer Texasmujer is offline
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...child's "barf"...

SO TRUE!! Motherhood: when your heart is outside your body. It ALL passes by SO FAST, doesn't it?
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Old 9th November 2009, 06:42
souhorid souhorid is offline
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Ya very nice! I wonder why they only considered women in that study as this should have the same effect on men. Love to see more on plant proteins and bioavailability. Thanks interesting read!

Recomending that you alter your sig, looks and rads a bit like spam. kv

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