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American Beer

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Old 30th July 2004, 23:24
Hendo_in_Holland Hendo_in_Holland is offline
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Tennents and foricating in canoes is close to the mark .

Oh for a decent pint ( Scots one ) of Belhaven 80/-
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Old 21st August 2004, 01:32
Arcanum Arcanum is offline
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American beer is crap! and im from america! id call it club soda with yellow food coloring, except club soda with yellow food coloring could probably get you drunker.
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Old 21st August 2004, 07:52
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commercial american beer is crap. The good stuff is made in fairly small quantities at local breweries.

nothing beats a good dark ale.. unfortunately they are pretty hard to find on this side of the pond (us)

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Old 23rd August 2004, 03:50
blessed11 blessed11 is offline
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Don't be fooled. We don't have any marvelous beers over here. The same garbage that is exported to you is the same garbage they sell over here. That's why I'm a dedicated wine (burgundy) drinker. Hello, by the way from the east coast of the USA.
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Old 25th August 2004, 19:53
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I managed to get a cold pint of tennents in Springville CA!
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Old 9th November 2004, 19:59
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Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale from Nova Scotia is as fine a beer as any.
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Old 9th November 2004, 23:28
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ScotsRobert ScotsRobert is offline
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Originally posted by heathen
okay okay listen to this, an american walks into a bar and the barman greets him and says so youll be having a bud the king of beers the american smiles and says of course so the barman gives him a bud , next another american walksin and the barman say so youll be having a miller im sure and the americans says of course nothing else so the barman gives him a miller , then an irishman walks in and the barman says what will you be having and the irishman says ill have a coke , the barman is taken aback and says you sure you wouldnt prefer a guiness , the irishman replies if these two americans arent drinking beer i wont either,
good one heathen!... here's another joke from a different angle!

A Texan, a Californian and a Seattlite were all drinking in a bar.

After a while, the Texan grabbed a bottle of tequila, threw it in the air and shot it into a thousand pieces. "Don't you boys worry about it," said the Texan, "we have plenty of tequila deep in the heart of Texas. "

The Californian, not wanting to be outdone, selected a bottle of fine wine, tossed it up, and shot it into smitherines. "Hey, don't sweat it dudes," chirped the Californian, "There's zillions of bottles of wine in Cali."

The Seattlite, following suit, guzzled down a bottle of micro-brewed beer, chucked it towards the rafters, shot the Californian, and (without missing a beat) pulled out his hand and caught the beer bottle. Everyone in the bar stood frozen in shock.

"Relax, kids," said the Seattlite cooly, "Up in Seattle, there's a freakin' ****load of Californians. No big deal."

OK now here’s the legal bit.... No offence was intended to any race, religion, American, Scottish, ethnic group, crowd or assemblage whatsoever. ScotsRobert cannot be hel liable, judged, sued or otherwise for telling a joke.


O Scotia! my dear, my native soil! For whom my warmest wish to heaven is sent; Long may thy hardy sons of rustic toil Be blest with health, and peace, and sweet content.
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