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Questions about Deep Fried Mars Bars

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Old 13th July 2003, 09:25
Stewart_the_Pict Stewart_the_Pict is offline
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Clotted cream recipe

HollyElise go and have a look at http://www.hwatson.force9.co.uk/cook...ottedcream.htm

The recipe looks simple enough (if you like clotted cream - yeugh!)
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Old 13th July 2003, 15:56
HollyElise HollyElise is offline
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Thank you.

Unfortunately the recipe doesn't say what kind of milk to use, but i'm guessing they use unseparated, non-homogenized milk... and i really haven't a clue where i could get some! The milk we commonly get in the store won't separate like that.

...oh! The recipe does say... "unhomogenised whole milk or double cream"... yep!... that's what i thought!
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Old 6th September 2003, 14:09
Talisker-Himself Talisker-Himself is offline
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Re: Orrrrrr

Originally posted by ScabbyDouglas
For a real Glaswegian delicacy of the savoury variety.

This is a real heart-stopper. It's the cholesterol equivalent of the Trojan Horse.

The Deep-Fried Pizza!

I'm not joking.

One Deep-pan pizza. Maybe a 9 inch (please!) pizza. Probably a Margharita would be best.. without too many loose "bits" of topping. I've only ever seen this done with "fresh" (ha hahaah hehe heehh heeh "fresh" heheh.. "fresh" - in a Glasgow chippie...well, non-frozen pizzas)

Cut it in half (trust me - the human body can only absorb so much fat at one go).

And deep fry each half until crisp and golden on the edges.

Serve hot with a paramedic.
Gawsh.... you mean people actually eat raw pizzas? I mean ones that havent been deep fried! *LOL*

I remember my first deep fried pizza quite a few years ago, it accidently had 2 chips stuck in the cheese and it tasted something like a block of crispy lard!

The only good thing is after all these years I am still waterproof! Hahaha
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Old 7th September 2003, 03:38
HollyElise HollyElise is offline
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Old 3rd December 2003, 07:24
Secret_Squirrel Secret_Squirrel is offline
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At my local chippy, they dont cut the pizza in half... they put chips on it and fold it in half, so that the chips are inside the pizza and the cheese gets all melted onto the chips, etc. MMMMmmmmm!!
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Old 30th January 2004, 22:38
StewartML StewartML is offline
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Well, i just had both a deep fried mars bar and a deep fried pizza today at lunch

you havent lived until you try a dfmb (then you wont live much longer)

this is only the second time i have done this and i wont be making a habit of it.

beleive it or not, if you ask for it, you can actually get the pizza battered, and it is called a pizza crunch.

all this is best served with a can of cold irn-bru, :-p which will make your teeth go orange if you drink to much of it.

another favourite at lunch time is a roll and chips (chip buttie), a roll and fritters, or a roll and potato scone.

something not to do is, when you have your first deep fried mars bar, (along with a deep fried pizza of course), dont go on to down a can of irnbru in a minute flat, then do sport. i did it. i felt ill.

and you americans, if you are worried about grease, look no further than your own macdonalds, it is dripping with grease. nice though

watch out, supposedly, an american mars bar is a scottish milky way, and vice versa (an american mars bar has no caramel)

if you do something in your life, it should be expeirience a dfmb, it is so tasty it is like nothing around.


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Old 31st January 2004, 05:57
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Just because America is infested with them, don't think we all eat there.


Here a Milky Way and a Snickers are virtually the same, just no nuts in the Milky Way. There is caramel in a Mars Bar, they have just gone out of fashion and are hard to find in some of the 'trendier' places. They were selling them at the Oregon State Fair this past summer, deep fried that is and claiming they were a new taste sensation. When I said they weren't all that new, I wasn't very popular! OH well!

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!

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