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Ethanintn 27th July 2013 03:38

Pewter Clan Badges?
Hello,I really don't know where to post this question,so I will post it here.Does anyone know any good pewter clan badge makers,who will do custom orders,for instance,my own personal crest?I was thinking about sterling silver,but that's a little steep price wise.Thank-you.

Thank-you and stand sure,

Ethan Walling

maxkirk 27th July 2013 06:02

The organisation that checks over your crest design to ascertain that it does not conflict with existing heraldic devices will be able to advise you in the matter of an appropriate crest manufacturer .

Valmai 27th July 2013 15:00

Stand Sure
"Thank-you and stand sure"

Hi Ethan,

I have been reading posts on here and noticed your's ends with stand sure. As this is the motto of Clan Anderson, I can only assume you are of that Clan or one of its septs? Just curious.


Ethanintn 27th July 2013 17:20

RE:Stand Sure.
Yes,I am a member of the Clan Anderson,Valmai.

Thank-you and stand sure,

Ethan Walling

Valmai 27th July 2013 19:59

Clan Anderson
Hi Ethan,

Then we have something common. My grandfather was John Anderson, born 1885 in Rothes, Moray. My direct line, apart from those who immigrated to New Zealand and Canada, right back to 1737 which is far as I have traced so far, come from the Moray area, mainly Lossiemouth, although some did move down to Aberdeen and Glasgow. I myself was born in New Zealand.

Nice to meet a fellow Clan member.

"Stand Sure"

Ethanintn 27th July 2013 20:51

That's quite interesting about your genealogy,Valmai, and having a fellow clan member all away across the world from me.

Thank-you and stand sure,

Ethan Walling

maxkirk 27th July 2013 22:50

Ethan Walling , where abouts in the world are you situated ?

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