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Posts: 10 , I think are responsible for the hacking

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Posts: 1,098 are doing the hacking


I am pretty sure that the people from are doing the hacking. I get the code to reset my password on my REMOVED email site and then when I do everything it says it comes up web page not available. It is all just a run around with a bunch of college kids who think they are better than everyone else. They thought they were going to block me and my people and get to go to Muslim countries. They did not care about people and kids getting killed in Israel and Burma and burning villages in Bangladesh. They are just sluts and pigs and maybe USA 2% wealthty snobs. That is what I think they are. They are damned in USA now and around the world. Their parents can take that kind of money and put it in their coffins, creamate themselves and take it with them. I am trying to get on Puerto as WitchQueen and they are messing with the conformation. We have 8 Puerto Ricans in our family and my sister April has had 2 Puerto Rican boyfriends, and Larry father was racehorse trainer and wanted to marry April. He is dead and I do not know if they killed Larry. Also April was married once to another horse trainer, Eddie Garcia who is Cuba. I have with me on Facebook all kinds of people including Muslims, with Spanish and American who care. These hackers have to get what is coming to them, I also have quite a few Russians, Turks and other. They are also trying to stop confirmation of site US Message where I want to copy these posts to let them know what they are doing.
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