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More hacking by bigots and athiests

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More hacking by people


This is Gloria, I am member of and and virtual, REMOVED on facebook , REMOVED on Facebook, on facebook and people are hacking and blocking me from all three of my facebook pages and have messed with my email account from my facebook pages to reset my passwords and get back on and also my REMOVED email to reset my passwords.
I have now registered with Puerto Rico .com and they stopped their email to bluesaphire .com so I can make posts and tell the Puerto Rican friends what they are doing with my pages and that we have quite a few Puerto Ricans in our family and also I have other Puerto Ricans on Facebook with me and my other Muslims and other people. Yahoo scum are also messing with my email accounts so the emails to get my accounts back together and working. I am sure they really will throw any yahoo people with any interests overseas any where and really my kill them because of what they have done. There is no privacy and security of your facebook pages at all with what they are doing. I am sure they are Americans. They are just computer people with a server with advertisers. That is all the scum are.
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