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Trying to help the Palestinians

Hackers on facebook


I have tried again to get on my page of facebook. The hackers have fixed it so I can not talk to my friends many of who are Muslims. I believe they are from They have targeted me and my family also around where I live. This is because I wrote the story of Ahmed and Ishtar and made friends with the Muslim kids here. They thought they were going to act Muslim and get to Morocco and Muslim countries. They tried to destroy me and my friend Robert.. I think they have some slut girls and lackey guys involved. I have [people from all over the world who wanted to help the Plaestinians. Some from the Muslim countries but also Russia, Armenia. Romania, Spanish countries, Iraq, Seria, Lebenon. Afghanistan and countries above Afghanistan. And other countries. We will not let Israel make a mockery of Jesus Christ, all of Christianity and all of Islam and Mohamed and all the World War ll vets. The hackers are jealous of stuff I said we could do and do not care anything about people getting killed, all they cared about was party. party life. Furthermore there are almost 1 million Israelis in America now and we think Trump wanted a overthrow, he deported every one he could who would help and let the Israelis here in USA. WE have kids and people alerted to what has to be protected in case anything happens and they know what to guard. Israel pays Burma to kill Muslims there and they also burn them alive, also burning villages in Bangladesh. Also people from India show me dead people. Do not let yahoo people in your countries. I also have Africans. I have three different pages, The party pigs got them all blocked.
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