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Originally Posted by scottaidh View Post
Tha ṭrr daoine a' smaoineachadh gun tainig Gàidhlig bho Èirinn agus ged a tha sin ceart gu ire, tha fianais àirseachail ùr ann cuideachd gun robh Gàidhlig air feadh taobh siar Alba aig an aon àm a tha Gaeilge ann an Eirinn.
Tha e clotach gun robh iad measgadhadh ri chèile.

Although many beleive Gaelic to have come from Ireland this is true just to an extent. Recent archeological evidence suggests that there were people and Gaelic was spoken throughout Western Scotland before the period we originally assumed it arrived in the country from Ireland.
"If the Q-Celtic Gaels, or their ancestors, came to Ireland from the continent what was their route? They may well have travelled via Britain [there is no direct evidence, of course] and if they did are they not likely to have crossed into Ireland at the shortest crossing point, that between south-west Scotland and north-east Ulster; which archaeology has shown to be a favoured crossing point for numerous cultural imports to Ireland?"
(Source: The Edinburgh Companion to the Gaelic Language - A History of Gaelic to 1800 by Colm Ó Baoill, 2010).

These links are helpful: - All Things Ulster - Scotch-Irish - We're the Scots Irish!

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