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Best Scottish accents in recorded folk music?

I was wondering if anybody could tell me which Scottish folk singers have the best representative Scottish accent. I like listening to the Corries and Alistair McDonald, and whomever else I can find. Can anyone tell me what regional accents these three men use(d), and whether it is similar or different to how people speak in those regions today? Outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh, how do people pronounce things? My friends and I are putting together an album of Scottish patriotic songs. Although we will never sound 100% Scottish, we being Yanks, we want to give it our best shot. It's a little frustrating hearing words pronounced one way in one recording, and another way in another recording. But of course we have that problem in the US too, with several broad regional accents and many local ones.

We'd like to know for instance, if someone were to piece together what accent and pronunciations might be best for the Robert Burns songs, and also for ones that are specifically pertaining to the highlands-- how does a current (or historical) highland accent differ from a typical lowland Scots accent?
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