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they may not have a policy that they monitor every child but they do have a policy that if a child has no capable parents or legal guardian then the become ward of the council. fact.
it is also teachers/youth workers etc role to look out for well being and neglect and they work for the councils so in a way they have monitored them anyway.

kids in decent families have nothing to fear over this legislation and i dont really see what the commotion is about really.......if something happens to a kids parents or theyre being neglected then the state will have nominated some one to take control in organising care etc
the bill is merely asking/saying who the person is to take charge of events in these circumstances.

i dont see any invasiveness either to be honest....nothing to hide nothing to worry about type thing.

and as said above saying "state guardian" is misrepresenting the actual facts of the bill.

so all in all i dont agree with your campaign and dont see what your trying to do as the bill has been passed afaik but good luck in your endeavours anyhoo
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