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Saying, it has been "every councils policy for years" is absolutely not true. It has NEVER before been council policy to monitor EVERY child in Scotland.

Everybody wants to see Scottish children protected and free from abuse but the simple fact is this is not the way to do it. All it can do is stretch the available resources - see the report from the Isle of Man and the very similar 'Every Child Matters'. In doing so it is more likely to have the opposite effect with even more children slipping through the net.

As we have already stated the vast majority of Scottish children are very well looked after within their homes - GIRFEC is absolutely unnecessary. Also, it is very important to remember that to date we have not been provided with ANY evidence by the Scottish Government that this will work, despite Aileen Campbell's talk and the Freedom of Information (FOI) request linked to above.

Also, in response to your first question - children without parents, either in care homes or with foster families etc. will already have a social worker or similar in contact with them. GIRFEC will not change their circumstances - it will however, have a very invasive effect on all other Scottish families (with children under 18) and their right to a private life within their own homes.
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