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State Guardian for all Scottish Children

As many of you will be aware the Scottish Government has just passed plans to introduce a named person or state guardian for ALL children under 18 living in Scotland (GIRFEC or Getting It Right For Every Child). This named person will be responsible for monitoring your child's well-being. They will be using Risk Indicator Sheets as part of the monitoring, many of which are very subjective i.e poor parenting skills, difficult temperament etc. with no clear guidelines on how these will be defined. Others, known as Outcome Signifiers are just downright ridiculous for monitoring a child's well-being: not breastfed for first 6-8 weeks, difficult birth, more than 3 siblings etc. For further information see our website (link below).

Due to the underhand and deceitful manner with which this was passed, as part of the much larger Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill - the majority of parents in Scotland are unaware that their child will now be appointed a state guardian. In response Families Opposing GIRFEC (FOG) has been set up to raise awareness, provide information, host a forum for parents to voice their opinion and hold flag making workshops - for people to connect, have fun with their children and leave with an end product that can be used at the demonstration that will take place in front of Parliament later in the year.

There are health professionals and others out there telling us that GIRFEC has been around for awhile and is nothing to worry about - this is simply not true, it may have been used (despite the fact it has only recently been passed as law) on a relatively small number of children, however, the supervision and monitoring of EVERY child in Scotland is an unprecedented move - never before have we been subjected to this level of State interference. Also for further evidence against GIRFEC I would suggest people look into how much of a disaster the pilot scheme in the Highlands was, and consult the report on the very similar 'Every Child Matters' (ECM) which just about brought the social work department to collapse in the Isle of Man (the report can be found in the Resources section of our website). There is plenty of evidence to suggest that GIRFEC will not work but to date we have not been supplied with any evidence that it will, despite a Freedom of Information request.

Parents in Scotland need to stand together to stop this! Please help spread the word by sharing the website and information on it as widely as possible:

Families Opposing GIRFEC (FOG) | Saying no to state guardianship plans and fighting to protect family autonomy

Best wishes,

The FOG Team

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