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Question Considering Moving To Scotland From USA

Hi! I'm Nina, I'm 23 and I currently live in Philadelphia, PA. I work in the food/hospitality industry. I'm a pastry cook at a fine dining French bistro called Parc by Steven Starr. Obviously I'm a foodie but I'm also a dancer and I adore the theater and listen to quite a bit of metal music. I'm telling you all of this because I'm toying with the idea of moving to Scotland in a year or two when I have enough money saved up. I wanted to know if I would fit in well there. I've visited the country once a few years ago and fell in love with it. However, I was with my family and much younger then so I didn't get the chance to analyze what it would really be like for me to live there. What is it like for people my age? Where are the best places to live and how much does it cost on average? Are performing arts a big thing? Is there a big food scene? What is the most convenient way to travel/commute? I'm full of questions!! I just want to be absolutely sure about this decision since it's such a huge one. I'm very nervous about moving even further away from my family (they're all in the southwest in Arizona and New Mexico) but I've been dreaming of Scotland for years. Advice and complete honesty about this is greatly appreciated!
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