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The reason I mention is that ARSSE (Army Rumour Service) mentions a modern nickname for the Royal Scots being "The Broken Biscuits" and I wondered what it meant. It seems to come back to McVities !

The Healthy Life factory I was thinking of was probably Mitchelhills ?

Modern nicknames for some Scottish regiments (mostly pre-2006) include:-

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - FIJI DG's (the regimental rugby team is full of Fijians)

Royal Scots - The Broken Biscuits

Royal Highland Fusiliers - Right Hard F*****s, Jimmy Jimmy Fcuk Fcuks-Punk Rockers-Weegies

King's own Scottish Borderers - The Bing Crosbies

The Black Watch - The Black Death

The Highlanders - The Sheepsh*****s

The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders -no current nicknames, so still The Argyll & Bolton Wanderers and The Agile & Suffering Highlanders

Some other British regiments and Corps had nicknames I found funny (many had very disparaging nicknames based on their initials of course the worst of which I haven't mentioned) including -

Royal Tank Regiment - The Chav Cav, The Council Cav

Queen's Own Hussars - Queers On Horseback

Life Guards - Donkey Wallopers

The Light Infantry - "Oops wrong house"

The King's Regiment - Thieving Scouse and Manc Gits

The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry - Alphabety spaghetti

The Grenadier Guards - The Dum-Dums (as in singing The British Grenadiers to the word 'dum')

The Princess Of Wales's Royal Regiment - Di's Guys, Camilla's Gorillas, The Squidgies, Squidgey's Own, Camilla Commandos

Devon and Dorset Light Infantry - "Shoot that cow"

The Green Howards - The Dingles (as in that family in Emmerdale)

The Royal Welsh - Rarely Welsh

Army Air Corps - Teeny Weeny Airways, Smurff Hats, Blue tac Head

The Honourable Artillery Company - Have Another Cocktail

The Royal Logistic Corps - Paramilitary wing of Eddie Stobart

to name but a few !
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