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Thanks for the links, Lianachan. It seems that at least as of now (if not into the foreseeable future) we can not know with absolute certainty that the Picts were not at some point a matrilineal society. Nor can we know with absolute certainty the precise point at which the Picts and Scots became universally united under a single ruler. And I would therefore mistrust anyone who claims he knows for sure. I believe the Iroquois (or at least some of the Iroquois nations in their confederation) had Male chiefs but were none-the-less matrilineal. The women chose which of the males would be their chief. Could the Picts have (at some time) had a similar system? We will likely never know. The Picts and Scots likely merged, likely gradually, sometime AROUND the time of Cinaed. Perhaps the legend of MacAlpin bringing them together through his descent from a king of the Scots and a Queen of the Picts is more symbolic than factual. But as a symbol, it has a certain beauty that is not GROSSLY inconsistent with reality (whatever that might turn out to be). In my opinion.
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