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Search for Alexander Kirkpatrick born 1670 on Home Page and the first one is the one you are looking for, it goes back really far! If you don't want to do that here is a descendancy list copied directly from there, descendants of Ivone Kirkpatrick I.

1 *Ivone Kirkpatrick
2 *Son of Ivone Kirkpatrick
3 *Ivone II Kirkpatrick
+ *Euphemia de Bruce
4 *Adam Kirkpatrick
5 *Stephen Kirkpatrick
6 *Sir Roger Kirkpatrick
7 *Sir Roger Kirkpatrick
8 *Winfred Kirkpatrick
9 *Roger Kirkpatrick
+ *Margaret de Somerville
10 *Alexander Kirkpatrick
10 Thomas Kirkpatrick
9 Thomas Kirkpatrick
10 Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
10 Margaret Kirkpatrick
8 Duncan Kirkpatrick
7 Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick
6 Duncan Kirkpatrick

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