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OK, this one confused me. A thread title like that looks almost guaranteed to be spam, such that the post turns out to be someone advertising some shop or other, but is this a real question then?

Oh well, pretty much any high street shop you can think of must have an online presence these days. *Free* delivery would be trickier. Argos will deliver cheaply, Ikea will charge rather more, and so on ..... Nope, you're stuck with all the fun of looking the stuff up online, I'm afraid.

Aren't there lots of sites that claim to help you find the best deal on item XYZ? What you have to do is find the kind of person who can be bothered with those. Do you have any interfering aunts, or anyone like that you could use?

Thing is, nobody knows where you are: if you happened to live on Pitcairn Island, it might be difficult to get anyone to deliver anything to you.

. Edited to add: Ah, on second reading, I reckon the usage of "on sale" suggests a U.S. location. If so, then I'm sorry, I haven't a clue. (That particular construction still tends to confuse me: for instance if my sister-in-law mentions that she bought something or other because it was "on sale", I do tend to think "well, yes, surely you can only buy the thing IF it is on sale" Oh well, eventually I work it out.

Good luck with the shopping.
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