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I can understand most of this because at one time I had a boyfriend from Algeria....I got used to this stuff and his pronounciations lol! What could help you a bit ( I will read this more thoroughly later) is the evidence DNA wise that the Celts and Berbers and Basques are from common ancestors..yes there is Spanish in the Irish from the Iberian Peninsula...check in Northern Spain for data...forget southern the Celts were in the North. Check also Phoenicians as they were also allied with some of the Celtic migrations of long times past and in fact there are phoenician idols in Britian...the awful goddess Bel Hathor I believe she is called....aka Baal's wife....although she is called the
sheelnagig goddess in Ireland...(same awful thing she is) me the creeps to no end. You will also find her in Turkey where our populations also were at one time...though I stress our people at one time were like a long arm that swept along at its own there were tribes in Asia and Europe simultaneously....for a long while they traversed back and forth and told the Romans that Britain...."was only a far flung OUTPOST", in not a home just a post. Maybe the best way to explain it is by using Ghengis Khanas an example...his men roamed from Mongolia to France...yet the main home post was in Mongolia....the Celts were nomadic as well in some cases and there were Celts who were settled as all depended on the circumstances and the Caste. There were 4 castes and the Warrior caste went all over the world as mercenary soldiers....the priestly or Druid caste had training centres and were therefore as a rule in fixed places...though personal druids or tribal druids were also common....the Berber and the Celts have phoenician ties and note the Phoenicians were from Lebanon. Look there as alot of really good archaelogical data can be had in those areas. Check th Danmoni tribe (my tribe) as we traded Tin from our mines in Cornwall with Israel. My family ruled Cornwall in our Celtic past and Brittany and in Wales....all their royal Celtic families were tied to each other at least as long as we ruled...brothers and cousins were put in Wales Cornwall and Brittany in the areas that were our fact our family's DNA has Jewish and Spanish blood. Our family kept records and Brittany has done a wonderful job on the archaeology. Check there. Brittany has records in French.

Originally Posted by Houssine
Hello,my name is Houssine Najaar,i'm ethnologist and linguist,i'm 40 years old,i'm specialised in celtic civilisation,in this moment and since 5 years i study Breton which are language of Brittany,celtic population in North-West of France,i'm also a great admiratif of Scottich and Welsh celtics.I have studied in Irish center in Paris,Gaelic for two years but whitout success,the adress of the center is, this reashearchs is a great part of my life,i begining in 1989 and i was specialised in a small isle situated in the Golf du Morbihan,his name is Groix,most population of this isle is a celtic descendant and a few of them is descendant of arabs refugee in this isle in the 8th,in the reigne of calif Abderahmen the first,the boat of this arabs navigators was naufraged in a tempest,4 of them save his live,and stayed in Groix in the 8th, i have take this information from a book published in french in 1895,by french physician who writte the history of this isle.His name is Dr J.Vincent,the titl is :L'Ile the Groix autrefois.You can byi it in he was reedited mainly.Today the population of this isle speak only french because the breton is forbiden in french scool.

The name of Oran is in french in arabic is Wahrran,if you supprim the first letter w,we have the gaelic name of isle of arran.This is a new proof of my theory which i have developed in a precedent message.I repeat in summary my point of view,i believ the celtic was population of the sea and for the comparison Germanic or slavic was population of the earth,this is my first point,i believ you are alright whit me for this point.The habitant of isle de Groix are a big mariners befor the WW2,and you have Groisillons (Goisillons is the french name of habitant the Groix),writte in a book a poem wchi he call, the coulor of his blood in his body is not red like the all men but is glaz like the coulor of the sea and he call when he was a baby he drunk the milk of his moter,which are not witte but glaz like the coulor of the sea.This devlopement rejoingn my idea of theCeltic population is a civilisation of the sea and Germanic population or Slavic population is devloped a earth civilisation.The time is 16:48 P.M i'go to listen a cour in linguistic for this reason i can complet my message.You can send me your comments or proposition or question in this site or in mi box directly.
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