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Ptolemey's map details the tribal names at the time of the Roman invasion of Scotland in the second century AD when the northern tribes are still known as the Caledonii and the term Maetae doesn't appear until a few centuries later,referring to the southern branch of the Pictish kingdom. When Votadini became Gododin is not known because there is a lack of textual evidence but it was probably around the same time as the term Maetae came into use. That particular historian is putting forward his own viewpoint that highland clansmen are descended from the northern Picts however the accepted truth is that they were descended from the inhabitants of Dalriada-most historians would question his conclusions. The origin of lowland Scots is not really in question-they are mostly a mixture of Britons,Picts and Anglo-Saxons. Brythonic is a term applied to a distinct cultural and linguistic group of the Celts-the Britons-and Welsh,Cornish and Breton are derived from that common Brythonic language. As regards the Picts evidence is scarce but it is generally accepted that they spoke a Brythonic dialect mixed with a few words and phrases from the language of the pre-Celtic inhabitants. It is known that they definitely did not speak Gaelic because saint Columba required a translator to talk to them and there is therefore some doubt as to whether they did speak a Celtic language at all.
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