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Originally Posted by ANDY-J3
The battles of Arthur are listed in writings of an Anglo Saxon cleric called the venerable Bede and the site of only one of them-the Caledonian forest- is known,so while Arthur can't definitely be placed in England or Wales it is known that he fought in Scotland. The Mannau Gododdin were a Brythonic tribe and their name can still be found in the modern names Slammanan and Clackmannan and they were probably the Votadini tribe shown in Ptolomey's map of British tribes. The Dark age tribes of Scotland were constantly at war with each other and the Angles of Northumbria and the Vikings so yes the Gododin would have fought as allies of the Picts on occasion as well as fighting against them. I don't know much about ley lines. I think that is an unrelated matter based on dubious evidence in my opinion and I focus more on the historical evidence.

I've heard of the Votadini before, were they around at the same time as the Maeatae? From what i can gather the Picts were 'divided' into two main groups, northern Picts and southern Picts. Caledoni in the north and Maeatae in the south but they were collectively known as "pictii". I know the Ley lines is drifting away from the topic, i found the site while doing a search, i know you're a bit of a historian so i value you're opinion. I prefer reading the historical evidence myself anyway. Having read the link the other poster left it does raise only more questions. I read this as well: It seems to be saying that the Highland clans descended from the Northen Picts and that the Lowlanders descended from the Southern Picts as well as the Scots of Dalriada. That's my understanding of it anyway. There seems to be only a 23 year period (917AD-940AD) that they can't be sure about. It says both the Norse Sagas and the Annals of Ulster are in agreement, except for this short period where nothing is mentioned. What do you think about that? I was under the impression that the Scots were the "Gaels" and that the Picts didn't fall into that grouping. As for Arthur there is a lot of evidence which certainly points towards him being in Scotland. Can you just clarify one thing for me, "Brythonic" is that what we call 'Welsh' speakers? Similar to Pictish language but not quite the same?

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