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Originally posted by Tartan Paint

The Lothians, that would seem to fit in well with "Arthur's seat". I've done a bit of reading about the various people inhabiting 'Caldeonia' at this time but i haven't dug deep as yet and read about specific battles or tribes anything like that. I only know what they were called collectively. What were they known as this tribe? Did they ever fight with the Picts? Were they one of the tribes that made up the 'Britons'? Is that the correct word for them? P-Gaelic can't have many speakers left. It's quite amazing that these languages live on 2,000 years later and that the stones they left behind still stand to this day. I read somewhere that the tallest Pictish stone in Scotland is 20ft tall, or was it 27ft tall. I can't remember, but they sure went to some lengths to arrange them in various positions. What can you tell me about Ley Lines? I'm just going to read about them on this site: Is it hocus pocus nonsense or what?

The battles of Arthur are listed in writings of an Anglo Saxon cleric called the venerable Bede and the site of only one of them-the Caledonian forest- is known,so while Arthur can't definitely be placed in England or Wales it is known that he fought in Scotland. The Mannau Gododdin were a Brythonic tribe and their name can still be found in the modern names Slammanan and Clackmannan and they were probably the Votadini tribe shown in Ptolomey's map of British tribes. The Dark age tribes of Scotland were constantly at war with each other and the Angles of Northumbria and the Vikings so yes the Gododin would have fought as allies of the Picts on occasion as well as fighting against them. I don't know much about ley lines. I think that is an unrelated matter based on dubious evidence in my opinion and I focus more on the historical evidence.
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