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Originally Posted by Texasmujer
* 1 oz. dark chocolate

* 1 sliced apple drizzled with honey and cinnamon

* 1 ferozen fruit bar

* Chocolate banana smoothie with 2 Tbsp chocolate syup and ninfat yogurt

* 1/2 cup fresh berries, watermelon or kiwi

My favourite has got to be the Sliced Apples. I used to make them all the time. October and November are a great time of year for them. Cause its oh so warm and snuggly.. lol..

But I first had them in a Bed and Breakfast up in Vermont years ago. It was freezing cold out and it was so good. I asked the Owner of the B&B for the Receipt.. I love them..

But I do make them differently. I core the apple without going all the way thru, leaving the skin on the bottom. Fill the apples with a dab of OJ, syrup, cinnamon.. and something else I cant remember. Then I bake them for an hour.. and OMG.. delicious.. lol..

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