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Kelty man

Aye a ken Harry Butler wis ait thi skale wi him ken im fine,ken awbiddy a hae a guid memori evin tho a hae goot aulder(Kelty twang) ir ye frae Kelty yersel Mike,Harry ain me went tae Oakfield skale, a hae staid in the Terris tae ain ma uncle staid in Grievesland Terrace ait thi back o thi plots aye thay wir thi daes,Keltys changed a lot noo wis thair last yeer fer a visit broke ma hert tae see aw thi noo hooses,, whin a left thi skale ain went tae work doon thi Lindsay pit a staid ait thi coalboard hooses ait Rose street on thi wi up tae thi private mine
in ref tae thi lass thair wis lots o Archie Cooks a kent ait least 3 maesel,oni time ye want tae talk aboot Kelty ain memoris contact me ait

Big Jock
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